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A portfolio of connected, powerful and collaborative simulation solutions

The cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE Platform provides a portfolio of connected, powerful and collaborative simulation solutions. 3DEXPERIENCE empowers you to accelerate design innovation by solving engineering challenges for your designs with full data associativity.

TriMech Solution

Our design solutions provide businesses with:

  • You can perform any structural analysis tasks with confidence, from the simplest linear static analysis to the most complex nonlinear drop test and impact analyses, by leveraging the built-in market-proven Abaqus solver technology.
  • The intuitive, interactive 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables your teams to share and visualize 3D simulation results and collaborate in real time from anywhere with a web browser.
  • You can also easily create and assign simulation tasks and manage multiple projects to speed up project delivery. that will give your team the skills they need to design and test in 3D.
Simulation solutions FEA, CFD and Structural Analysis

TriMech Simulation Solutions

Learn how the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform allows businesses to run simulations

Benefits of Dassault Systèmes Simulation Solutions

Dassault Systèmes solutions cover all aspects of virtual testing and simulation with an integrated workflow.

Designers and engineers can span multiple disciplines with ease, shortening the design cycle, increasing productivity and delivering innovative products to market faster.

Built on industry-leading Abaqus technology, simulation gives novices and experts alike the power to perform complex linear and non-linear analyses to validate product designs and make better-informed product decisions faster.

Powerful Simulation
  • Built-in Abaqus technology provides the tools designers and engineers need for linear, nonlinear, static, quasi-static, dynamic, linear and non-linear materials, sliding contact interactions, large deformations, large strain validation.
  • Material calibration for accurate material behavior modeling
  • Create high quality meshes and solve complex simulations such as drop test and impact
  • Create plant, factory and robot simulations

Collaborate on simulations with a Bill of Materials that everyone can access

Bringing complex products to market and maintaining them through their life is a multi-step process. It requires managing bill of materials (BOM) not only across mechanical, electrical, and software disciplines but also the extended supply chain.

With solutions such as ENOVIA and Aras Innovator we help organizations connect and manage multiple sources of information in a single database. Easily create and maintain structured, multi-level bill of materials for each stage of your simulation.

Synchronize EBOMs and MBOMs for clear visibility into cross-disciplinary change statuses.

Get the assistance you need

With simulation software and services from TriMech you can develop consistent, repeatable simulation processes that extend through the product lifecycle and enable collaboration across the entire enterprise.

3DEXPERIENCE is a highly flexible platform, and with expertise from TriMech simulation specialists, we can tailor the system to match your business processes.

Simulation Software from TriMech

SIMULIA Simpack multibody Systems Simulation with


SIMULIA Simpack is a dedicated package for Multibody System Simulation (MBS), used for the dynamic analysis of any mechanical or mechatronic system.

Acoustic Simulation with Simulia


Learn how SIMULIA Wave6 software can improve your vibro-acoustics and aero-vibro-acoustics simulation skills and assist you in resolving engineering issues.

SIMULIA XFlow particle-based CFD software


Learn about the high-fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) program XFlow, powered by Dassault Systemes SIMULIA and based on the Lattice-Boltzmann Method (LBM).

TOSCA Structural Simulation


Explore Tosca Optimization Technology, an effective optimization tool that uses FEA and CFD simulations for Topology Simulation.