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Discover new ways to conceptualize, design, manufacture, test, certify and sustain new Aerospace and Defense vehicles.

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The Role of Big Data and Analytics in Defense

Big Data and Analytics: Revolutionizing Defense Mission Readiness and Asset Lifespan

Big data and analytics have the potential to transform the defense sector, particularly when it comes to improving mission readiness and extending the lifespan of aging assets. Using data-driven platforms like Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE to create virtual twins, defense organizations can use predictive analytics to optimize maintenance schedules and processes for various defense systems.  France’s…

Spotlight on Satellite Technology

The New Frontier of Satellite Technology

Learn how satellite technology companies shorten their development time by integrating different departments and information while providing digital capabilities to accelerate design and manufacturing.

Accelerating Advanced Defense Systems Realization with 3DEXPERIENCE

Accelerating Advanced Defense Systems Realization with 3DEXPERIENCE

The defense industry has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, pushing the boundaries to create advanced defense systems that protect nations and enhance their capabilities.

Modernizing the Defense Industry: Critical Enablers of Digitisation and Success

Modernizing the Defense Industry: Top 5 Critical Enablers of Digitization and Success

The defense industry is at a crossroads in the current era of competing priorities. Nations desire peace and the opportunity to excel in a world of complex geo-political theater while also needing to balance social investment with investments in new, more affordable, and capable defense platforms versus maintaining and sustaining existing defense assets. This complex…

New Space New Opportunities

Exploring ‘New’ Space: New Space, New Opportunities

New Space, the entrepreneurial space age, is growing faster than ever, providing chances for businesses to develop their ideas and accelerate return on investment.

Modernizing the Defense Industry: Core Areas for Development

Modernizing the Defense Industry: Core Areas for Development

Nations worldwide invest heavily in advanced, sustainable, and adaptable solutions to counter evolving threats. This article delves into the crucial development areas that will shape the future of defense and ensure a more secure world. 

Blog Image Template 16x9 0007 Spotlight on Satellites 1

Exploring ‘New’ Space: Spotlight on Satellites

Satellites have contributed significantly to the advancement of society and will continue to do so as constellations of small satellites with radically new capabilities being deployed as a result of the rapid advancement of technology.  

The Changing Defense and Security Industry Landscape: Top Trends Reshaping Modern Warfare

The Changing Defense and Security Industry: Top Trends Reshaping Modern Warfare

This article explores the changing defense and security industry and the future of defense systems, offering insights into the shifting dynamics of global security. 

Space access

The Optimized Journey of Space Access

From space access, travel, and the colonisation of Mars, recent years have seen a rapid improvement in space technology.

New Space - space sweepers

Exploring ‘New Space’ Challenges: Space Sweepers and Congested Highways

‘New Space’ is a rapidly growing area that is allowing for trailblazers to make their mark space exploration. And though ‘New Space’ is undeniably on the rise with an unprecedented amount of change coming our way, that is not to say the sector is without its challenges. 

New space

Exploring ‘New Space’: A New Era for Space Exploration

The pioneering space age, or ‘New Space’, is growing faster than ever, providing chances for businesses to develop their ideas and accelerate return on investment.

Battery Design: From Chemistry To System

On-Demand Webinar: Battery Design: From Chemistry to System

In this on-demand webinar learn how to enhance battery performance and R&D efficiency by integrating multi-scale and multi-physics modeling and simulation.

Aerodyanmic Simulation For Advanced Aircraft Performance

On-Demand Webinar: Aerodynamic Simulation for Advanced Aircraft Performance

This on-demand webinar explores the key benefits of using advanced simulation tools within the SIMULIA fluids portfolio of solutions helping aircrafts manufacturers to improve aircraft design to increase cruise flight performance

SIMULIA Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis Engineer

Comprehensive structural analysis software covering statics, dynamics, vibration, thermal, and fatigue across a broad range of industrial applications

SIMULIA Composite Structure

Composite Structures Performance Engineer

Use the Composite Structures Performance Engineer Role to model and validate composite designs for stiffness, strength, and performance requirements, to reduce costs in composite structure prototypes and testing