Advanced Topology and Non-Parametric Optimization


What is Tosca?

Tosca is an optimization suite that offers efficient and powerful structural and flow optimization solutions based on finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations.

Existing designs often only need small changes to improve the overall product performance.

Tosca optimization methods provide designers with the insights required to make improvements to the design to reduce factors like weight and cost without compromising  performance.


Why use Tosca for Optimization?

  • Reduce time-to-market by accelerating conceptual design
  • Support ready-to-manufacture product design
  • Save weight and maximum result quality for dependable components
  • Avoid time-consuming and error-prone model simplification
  • Advantages of realistic modeling and handling nonlinearities directly within the optimization
  • Interactively define structural optimization tasks
  • Allows users to develop fluid flow devices with reduced pressure drop and improved flow uniformity
Tosca Structure Simulia Topology Cycle
lighter, cheaper and stronger parts

Topology Optimization for Structures with TOSCA

Structure Optimization provides sophisticated optimization techniques for lightweight, stiff, and durable parts designs and assemblies to improve performance, decrease material and weight, and find new design options in shorter development cycles. Tosca Structure includes topology, shape, bead, and size optimization features.

Tosca Structure is a market-leading structural optimization technology that uses the industry-standard finite element analysis (FEA) tool Abaqus to generate unique and sustainable designs. Tosca Structure provides a broad range of optimization solutions, from early conceptual design to specific design improvements.

Flow performance, efficiency & quality

Fluid Optimization with TOSCA

Fluid Optimization provides topology optimization-driven design concepts for fluid flow systems and components. Automatically use its ability to generate innovative design concepts for a specific flow task and available packaging space. Fluid Optimization’s exclusive technology assists you in achieving the best flow performance, quality, and eco-efficiency.

Tosca Fluid features unique design and non-parametric fluid flow topology optimization technology for components and systems. Utilize design flexibility and create an innovative, optimized design concept for defined design spaces and flow tasks. No initial design is necessary. Only one solver run is needed using industry standard CFD solvers.

Fluid Topology Simulation with Simulia TOSCA