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Streamline production and reduce costs with 3D Robot Programming

Robotic manufacturing processes, with their clear advantages of speed, cost reduction and accuracy, are being widely adopted for a broad range of production needs.

But robot programmers frequently find it challenging to deliver material handling, arc welding, spot welding, painting, or drill and riveting programs that work with certainty on the first run. Because robot programming is not part of the design phase, they are forced to implement fixes and workarounds on the shop floor. Costs escalate as production cycles expand and changes are made without knowledge of the shop floor impacts.

TriMech Solution

DELMIA Robotics Solutions:

  • DELMIA can deliver high-quality, collision-free programs in the native robot language with minimal intervention on the shop floor. In the virtual world, programmers and designers work in concert to create the most productive tooling operations and robot cycle times.
  • Programming can move ahead independently without interrupting production, and robot programs perform predictably the first time.
  • The costs of programming are significantly reduced; production lines are validated faster, and up and running more quickly.
DELMIA Robotics

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Discover Robot Programming with DELMIA

TriMech Robotics Solutions

Learn how DELMIA Robotics solutions make Robot Programming easier

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Moving programming off the shop floor to a virtual environment immediately results in significant cost and productivity benefits

  • Robot Programmers do not need to wait until the tools are built to create and validate programs; they work offline with precise 3D visualizations.
    • Programmers start with product data and the resources — such as jigs or fixturing and end effectors — that holds the part, they select robots to create workcells in the virtual world.
    • Programmers can then run simulations to validate the process and program.
  • Production on the shop floor can move ahead uninterrupted while new programs are being authored and validated.
  • Programs work safely and predictably. Designs have already been validated. Programmers have a working knowledge of tool operation. Collision damage and delays are greatly reduced. There is no penalty for crashing a robot in the preproduction virtual world, where fixes are easier and quicker.
  • Offline programmers are freed from the necessity of making shop floor fixes. They can use their time to make workcells operational within the project timeline and deliver consistent production quality.
Robot Solutions

DELMIA Robotic solutions facilitates the creation of material handling, paint, arc weld, spot weld or drill and rivet workcells integrate programming and visualization.

Working from extensive libraries of robots and controllers, programmers position resources, program individual robots, debug robot motion trajectories, and orchestrate workcell sequences between robots and other resources

Solution Benefits
  1. Faster functional production lines
  2. Better resource utilization
  3. Improved process validation
  4. Optimal workcell operation
  5. Validated robot cycle time
  6. Reduced capital investment
  7. Reduced shop floor fixes
  8. Better understanding of tool operation
  9. Production-ready robot programs
  10. Improved collaboration across disciplines
  11. Increased workcell throughput

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