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Overview & Benefits

What is CAVA?

CATIA – Automotive Extensions Vehicle Architecture (CAVA) was created as a result of a joint project with several German car manufacturers.

International rules, norms and standards are provided during the entire design process – from the concept phase to the homologation.

The release and homologation of a car requires manufacturers to fulfil rules, norms and standards which differ from country to country. CAVA provides these rules as CATIA features and checks the vehicle geometry meets the legal requirements.

CAVA is a feature-based and associative technology integrated with CATIA V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE, that allows you to validate the compliance of your vehicle design and architecture to international rules, norms, and standards during the entire design process.

Reliable Compliance Management 
Operational Time and Cost Savings 
Standardized Methodology
Supports Virtual Homologation

Discover the CAVA Portfolio

CAVA is available as a complete product or as individual sub products for specific application areas:


Verify the overall vehicle packaging

Analyse Vehicular Safety with CATIA CAVA

CAVA Manikin

Verify seating positions, pedals, hand reach and headroom

CAVA Vehicle Mirror Visual Simulation

CAVA Vision

Analyze the direct and indirect vision of the driver

Pedestrian Safety Analysis with CATIA CAVA

CAVA Safety

Analyze the safety of occupants and pedestrians

Windscreen CAVA Vehicle Simulation

CAVA Wiper

Analyze wiper kinematic and wiping quality


CAVA Tools

Project the silhouette outlines of a complete vehicle with one click using Silhouette Tools