Chemical management system for material management, ordering and purchasing


What is BIOVIA CISPro?

BIOVIA CISPro is a chemical inventory management system solution that streamlines and consolidates your organization's material management, ordering and purchasing, and compliance activities.

BIOVIA CISPro allows companies to preserve a record of all the chemicals and materials in each facility at the container level, trace their whereabouts in real-time, and monitor usage.

Individual business unit inventories can be maintained individually while being handled collectively under the same company account using BIOVIA CISpro.

Tracking In CISPRO

CISPro provides all the capabilities needed to reliably track and report chemicals and supplies, including controlled substances, while satisfying safety and regulatory standards, such as barcode labeling, remote inventory control, and SDS management. Chemicals can be listed by location, seller, name, CAS#, formula, and so on in reports. Most essential, during an emergency, hazard information is always readily available.

For multinational companies, safety data can be configured and handled in many languages based on country or region, and the system can generate appropriate regulatory reports to fulfill any regional requirement.

The web-based delivery of BIOVIA CISPro simplifies implementation, eliminating the need to install software on every user's computer, while the system’s ability to operate on low bandwidth connections ensures ease of operation anywhere in the world.

Overview Demo

A Unified Laboratory Solution from BIOVIA

BIOVIA CISPro Features

Based on industry best practices, BIOVIA CISPro gives you the best of both worlds – a superior off-the-shelf solution with a robust feature set that addresses the entire chemical inventory management lifecycle while delivering sustainability and sup- port you expect from a veteran system provider.

Optimized Container Tracking
  • Real-time chemical data from receipt to disposal
  • Container, location, and ownership barcodes
  • Move, Dispose, Dispense operation barcodes
  • Chemical, Biological and Supply material types
Enhanced Security & Control
  • Role-based user permissions and security
  • Regulatory list permission profiles
  • Multi-site, multi-tier location hierarchy
  • Complete audit trails
Ease of Use
  • Custom home page for workflow simplification
  • Simple searching
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Workstation and Wi-Fi inventory updates through barcode technology
Track and Monitor Chemicals in Real-Time
  • Track chemical expiration dates to monitor shelf life
  • Manage chemical amounts by location, owner, regulatory list
  • Monitor hazardous material quantity levels for threshold compliance
Easy to Set Up and Propagate
  • Multiple data views and reports
  • User-defined chemical tracking: identity, hazards, physical, documentation
  • Database set-up and login credentials included
  • Pre-populated vendor catalog data to streamline data entry
  • Data migration of legacy inventory available
Integrations and modules
  • Integration with any laboratory informatics application of the BIOVIA Unified Lab Management offering like ELN, Compose and Capture etc.
  • Integration with 3rd-party laboratory informatics solutions like ELN, LIMS or LES
  • ACD for CISPro Module enables integrated searches of commercially available chemicals based on different search criteria including chemical structures
  • Tier II, Fire Code, and Title 19 reporting are all automated
  • Regulatory Lists Module integrates with 3E’s Ariel regulatory compliance tools
  • SDS Provider Module integrates with SiteHawk’s SDS Management Services
  • Integration with Scitegrity for identification of controlled substances based on structure

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Who benefits from BIOVIA CISPro?

A scientific collaborative environment for advanced biological, chemical and materials experiences.

Lab worker using BIOVIA CISPro
Lab Scientists and Lab Workers

Chemicals and supplies can be searched, sourced, and requested from in-house stock or external sources by lab scientists and personnel, with full chemical data and safety data sheets available.

To save time, search internal and external stores by chemical structure, name, CAS number, and other parameters.

Chemical inventory management
Purchasers and Lab Managers

Purchasers and lab managers can manage the entire logistics of material inventories, including purchasing, receiving, dispensing, disposal, and compliance.

Save time with a centralized system that collects orders to avoid duplication, expedites material handling with barcode scanning (kiosk mode), and allows configuration of preferred-customer lists for simplified ordering.

Health and safety manager
EHS Professionals

Chemicals can be tracked and monitored on-site by EHS professionals, who can also report on regulatory actions and constraints.

Simple, precise reporting methods that allow monitoring of chemical quantities and limitations, expiration dates and shelf life, and distribution, disposal, and other actions will help to ensure compliance.

BIOVIA Benefits

Easy to use software which will adapt to your business process

Less Overheads

Reduce costs by reducing duplicate orders and effectively managing expiring inventory.

Streamlined workflow

Increase efficiency by streamlining workflows, making inventory easier to locate, and producing reports more quickly. Spend up to 75% less time looking for inventory

Be compliant

Increase regulatory compliance by harmonizing inventory management across worldwide sites, reducing mistakes, and implementing GxP-compliant operations.

Increase quality

Reduce risks by having a better understanding of the hazardous and flammable products housed on each site, as well as better data and documentation quality.