Automate Design Exploration and Optimization


Powerful Automation for Simulation

In today’s complex product development and manufacturing environment, designers and engineers are using a wide range of software tools to design and simulate their products.

Often, chained simulation process flows are required in which the parameters and results from one software package are needed as inputs to another package and the manual process of entering the required data can reduce efficiency, slow product development, and introduce errors in modeling and simulation assumptions.

Isight provides designers, engineers, and researchers with an open system for integrating design and simulation models—created with various CAD, CAE, and other software applications—to automate the execution of hundreds or thousands of simulations.


Isight supports the virtual testing process by:

  • Ensuring product reliability.
  • Manipulating and mapping parametric data between process steps.
  • Automating multiple simulations.
  • Creating and identifying the optimal design.
  • Accelerating the evaluation of product design alternatives.
  • Drastically reducing design cycle time by integrating workflow processes in an automated environment.
  • Delivering more dependable, higher-quality goods by speeding up the examination of design options.
  • Reducing expenditure on hardware due to better job distribution and effective usage of existing systems.
  • Removing communication barriers between partners by facilitating secure design collaboration.
  • Developing adaptable simulation process flows to automatically explore design options and identify the best performance parameters.
Easily Adapt to Your Workflow

Build and Automate Simulation Process Flows

Isight provides engineers with a set of visual and adaptable tools for building simulation process flows. These process flows can be automated to explore design alternatives and find the best performance parameters using a variety of applications, including commercial CAD/CAE software, in-house developed programs, and Excel spreadsheets.

In addition, Isight delivers branching, looping, conditional, and other execution logic. This flexibility, combined with scripts to alter the runtime behavior of the model as a function of changing parameter values, allows the creation of highly reusable processes.

Once the process flow is defined, the user interface enables easy import of externally defined parameter values and problem formulations. Utilities such as model search, model content viewer, parameter search, and parameter grouping are also available.

SIMULIA Isight Simulation Optimization
Increase Efficiency with...

Automated Execution, Results Visualization, and Postprocessing

The Isight Runtime Gateway enables desktop and distributed execution of engineering process flows, and the creation of graphs and tables to visualize results.

All results are saved automatically to a locally managed database, users can then use the interface to create visual tools for real-time postprocessing of data such as tables, 2D and 3D plots, and statistical analysis.

Store and Reuse Data

Isight Component Central Library

The integration of client-proprietary applications is supported by the Isight component design. This open integration solution is flexible enough to interact with various internally created databases, scripts, and applications.

In addition to the core Isight library of components, SIMULIA also provides add-on components that give connections to Abaqus FEA software, significant third-party simulation applications, and a variety of design exploration and optimization algorithms. The open architecture also enables the integration of Add-on Components created by clients and partners utilizing openly available APIs.

Easy integration of your existing simulation applications in Isight
Timely updates via releases separate from Isight software releases
Lower costs associated with the simulation process

Component Integrations

Integrate Isight's Component Library with the following

Basic Components
  • Abaqus
  • Calculator
  • COM
  • Data Exchanger
  • Database
  • Dymola
  • Excel
  • Grid Plug-In LSF
  • Grid Plug-IN PBS Torque
  • Grid Plug-In SSH RSH
  • Isight
  • Isight File Parser
  • Fast Parser
  • Loop
  • Mail
  • Noise Analysis
  • Task Component
Partner Components
  • AISO
  • ExeComponent4Nastran
  • ExeComponent4PThermal
  • iDA
  • Isight/Solidworks
  • MeshWorks
  • PowerFLOW
  • Romax Nexus
  • TURBOdesign Optima
  • TurboOpt
Add-On Components
  • Adams Car
  • Adams Chassis
  • ANSA
  • ANSYS Workbench
  • CATIA V5
  • Data Matching
  • Femap
  • GT-POWER Engine Combustion
  • Mathcad
  • MSC.Adams
  • MSC.Nastran
  • MSC.Patran
  • NEiNastran
  • Pro/E CAD Driver
  • SolidWorks
  • Unigraphics