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Battery Technology

Dassault Systemes provides a variety of battery technology solutions from chemistry to cell engineering, to module and pack engineering, and finally integration into full vehicles.

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Battery Design: From Chemistry To System

On-Demand Webinar: Battery Design: From Chemistry to System

In this on-demand webinar learn how to enhance battery performance and R&D efficiency by integrating multi-scale and multi-physics modeling and simulation.

ENOVIA Materials Compliance Manager

Materials Compliance Manager

Manage material data and assess product compliance to environmental regulations with the Materials Compliance Manager Role on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Engineering BOM Management

Materials Compliance Analyst

Provides product and component compliance visibility to managers and design engineers based on material declaration information for the Materials Compliance Analyst.

ENOVIA Semiconductor Projectsync User

Semiconductor ProjectSync User

The 3DEXPERIENCE Semiconductor ProjectSync User Roll will enhance team productivity by enabling distributed system-on-a-chip design team members to share ideas, bug reports and engineering change information.

ENOVIA Semiconductor Eengineer

Semiconductor Engineer

Boost design productivity and reduce time-to-market by increasing collaboration efficiency through global cross-site hierarchical management design data management in the 3DEXPERIENCE Semiconductor Engineer Role

Simulation and Advancement of Battery Technology

Simulation and the Advancement of Battery Technology

Battery Technology has come a long way in recent years, and simulation has played a crucial role in advancing this field. With simulation, engineers and researchers can model and analyze the behavior of batteries under different conditions, helping to optimize their design and improve their performance. This has enabled the development of more efficient and…

Battery cell manufacturing

EV Challenges: Aerodynamic Battery Technology 

Discover how leveraging advanced simulation solutions can help you develop aerodynamic battery technology, increase vehicle range and ensure battery efficiency.

Electric vehicle EV Bidirectional Charging

Industry Insight: Electric Vehicles and Bidirectional charging

This insight blog explores the various types of electric vehicle charging available and dives into what is meant by Bidirectional Charging.

How are Electric Vehicles Transforming the world around us blog

How are Electric Vehicles Transforming the world around us?

It is becoming more and more evident that EVs are the future of the motoring industry but transport isn’t the only industry that this technology is having an impact on…

Electric vs Hydrogen Vehicles

Electric Vehicles vs Hydrogen Vehicles

In addition to electric vehicles, hydrogen technology is on the rise, with hydrogen vehicles now being another, alternative solution to the end of the combustion era as we look to a greener future. But which of these technologies will come out on top?  

Battery cell digital transformation

Power Up with Agile Manufacturing for Battery Cells

Digital transformation has been key to revolutionizing the battery cell manufacturing industry, enabling businesses to adopt agile production practices and improve their operations.

Electric Drive Development

Overcoming Electric Drive Development Challenges for Electric & Autonomous Vehicles

In this blog, we will explore how you can overcome the challenges of electric drive development with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.