Multibody System Simulation


What is SIMULIA Simpack?

SIMULIA Simpack is a dedicated package for Multibody System Simulation (MBS), used for the dynamic analysis of any mechanical or mechatronic system in the time or frequency domain.

Using Simpack, engineers can create and solve 3D virtual models in order to predict and visualize motion, surface velocities, accelerations, coupling forces and stresses.

It enables design engineers to simulate complex non-linear models with flexible bodies and harsh shock contact, helping them to fully comprehend and optimize systems, vastly reduce the need for physical prototyping, reduce time-to-market, and improve product quality and lifespan.

Simulia Simpack Analysis

What can SIMULIA Simpack Do?

Mechanical system analysis, including Biomechanics  
Dynamic motion & load prediction
Static and quasi-static investigations
Extreme transient non-linear analysis – e.g. shock contact
Low frequency to high frequency applications
Automotive database for all typical suspension/driveline types
Gear pair and bearing elements
Drive train specific elements
Chain drives, hydrodynamic bearings and valve spring generation
Flexible body simulation through integration with FEA models
Curving, rail-to-wheel forces
Hardware and Software in the Loop for real-time analysis
Industry Applications

How is SIMULIA Simpack used in Industry?

Simulia in Industry
A Complete Solution

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Simpack Pre Simulia

Simpack Pre

Simpack Pre enables users to build any kind of MBS model from scratch.

Using the large variety of included modeling elements (e.g. rigid and flexible bodies, joints, forces, excitations and sensors), basic models can be generated for investigating general dynamic phenomena up to highly detailed models predicting durability and NVH behavior up to the acoustics range.

The pre-processor is a basis and prerequisite for Simpack industry and application-specific add-on products.



  • Enables users to build models from the ground up
  • Large variety of included modeling elements
  • No limitation regarding level of model detail
Simpack Post Simulia

Simpack Post

Key Capabilities:

  • State of the art and easy-to-use User interface
  • Various types of 2D/3D plots and tables
  • 3D animations incl. flex. body scaling and contouring
  • DOE result representations
  • Scripting functionality in order to automate all post processing steps



  • Simpack Post is required for the representation and post processing of Simpack MBS simulation results.
  • 2D plots, 3D plots, and 3D animations can be easily generated and saved as templates.
  • An extensive library of Filters enables easy data processing.
  • User defined templates allow quick report generation and comparison of results.
Optimisation and Automation with Simpack Simulia

Process Automation & Optimization

Core Simpack functionality to solve Simpack MBS models created in Simpack Pre or Simpack Wizard.

There are static as well as dynamic time domain and frequency domain solver options.

Apart from the general solver stability, accuracy and performance the Simpack Real Time capability is a unique technology feature.

The Simpack solver options are available via Simpack Solve Tokens which provides easy and scalable access to according Simpack solver capabilities.


Key Capabilities:

  • Solver options for static and dynamic analysis in time and frequency domain
  • Robust, fast and accurate
  • Unique real time solver capability to handle offline models in real time
Simpack Wizard Simulia

Simpack Wizard

Simpack Wizard enables easy setup of standardized models and analysis processes for “deployment mode” of Simpack.

Non-expert Simpack users can carry out company-specific standard analyses and review the results without MBS expert knowledge. Simpack Wizard is based on standard Simpack model databases which can be created and adapted using Simpack Pre.


Key Capabilities: 

  • Provides easy, fast and reliable standard processes in order to: setup standard models, select standard loadcases, configure according to scenarios (= model + loadcase), and automate multi scenario job calculation represents standard results
  • Scalable deployment to a group/department/company
  • Fully compatible with Simpack Pre