SIMULIA fe-safe

Durability Analysis for Finite Element Models


What is fe-safe?

Durability Analysis Software for Finite Element Models

The fe-safe suite is a cutting-edge technological software suite for durability analysis. From FEA, its capabilities have been enhanced to satisfy the most demanding industry applications, directly linking to all major FEA suites (Abaqus, ANSYS, Nastran (MSC, NEi, NX), Pro/Mechanica).

The market is more demanding than ever for manufacturers to use less material to deliver lightweight but robust components while lowering warranty and recall costs.

fe-safe was the first commercially available fatigue analysis program to focus on modern multiaxial strain-based fatigue methodologies, and it continues to be the industry standard.

fe-safe Fatigue Analysis

The fe-safe Product Portfolio

Fatigue Simulation with Simulia fe-safe


Accurate, reliable multiaxial fatigue analysis, regardless of the complexity of your loadings and model.

Rubber Tyre Simulation with Simulia fe-safe


Unique, leading-edge technology for the fatigue analysis of elastomers.

Thermal Fatigue Simulation with Simulia fe-safe TURBOLife


Thermomechanical fatigue analysis with unique capabilities for creep-fatigue interaction.

fe-safe FEA - Benefits

Why use fe-safe for FEA durability analysis?

fe-safe Crack Analysis
  • Extend the fatigue life of crucial safety components
  • Reduce material usage by optimizing designs
  • Reduce the number of product recalls and warranty expenses
  • Optimize and validate the design and test programs
  • Improve the correlation of test and analysis under a single user interface
  • Reduce prototype test times
  • Speed up analysis times, thereby reducing man-time hours
  • Boost confidence that product designs will pass physical test schedules " the first time”
  • Reduce reliance on physical testing

What is fe-safe/Rubber?

fe-safe/Rubber is the first commercially available software tool for rubber and elastomer fatigue analysis.

Because of their macromolecular structure, elastomers exhibit unique behavior and require specialized analysis methods, fe-safe/Rubber investigates elastomer fatigue performance under real-world service conditions.

Tyre Simulation fe-safe/Rubber
Verity Module Weld Fatigue Analysis with Simulia fe-safe

What is the Verity Module in fe-safe?

Verity in fe-safe integrates Verity for welded structure fatigue with the advanced capabilities of fe-safe for finite element model fatigue analysis.

This enables businesses to decrease or eliminate the cost of testing to validate the integrity of designs, as well as avoid the frequent practice of over-engineering due to the uncertainty of fatigue life.


What is fe-safe/TURBOlife?

fe-safe/TURBOlife is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive creep-fatigue analysis software suite.

fe-safe/TURBOlife creep-fatigue algorithms have been effectively applied to nuclear power plant components, power station boilers, gas turbine blades, and steam turbine components.

fe-safe/TURBOlife is rapidly being implemented in the powertrain industry, where creep and creep fatigue interaction are common in automotive exhaust components and turbocharger impellers.

Turbine Fatigue Analysis with Simulia
Safe4Fatigue Simulia

What is safe4fatigue?

safe4fatigue is a comprehensive system for analyzing durability. It analyzes actual or generated strain signals, peak-valley files, cycle histograms, and PSDs to give advanced multiaxial fatigue and durability analysis.

safe4fatigue is a free module provided with fe-safe. It gives all the tools required to analyze practical durability applications without the added complexity of complex management systems. Its appealing, simple user interface allows you quick access to complicated analysis techniques. Powerful macro-recording and batch processing can be used to automate repetitive operations.

Regardless of the complexity of your fatigue study, safe4fatigue integrates seamlessly into your design process, allowing you to create products that are built to last.