Manufacturing Execution System for Transforming Global Production Operations


What is DELMIA Apriso?

DELMIA Apriso is a Manufacturing Execution System with extended capabilities in quality, production control, shopfloor logistics, plant maintenance, and integration to equipment and business applications through the Internet of Things (IoT).

Coordinate your manufacturing operations

DELMIA Apriso provides a unified approach to achieve and sustain manufacturing execution across all operations, by enhancing visibility, control and synchronization. The unified suite of manufacturing software applications has been created to coordinate all your manufacturing operations – within the plant, across the enterprise, and out to the extended supply chain.

  • Create a unified, flexible, scalable and secure foundation for digital transformation.
  • Enable real-time access to critical manufacturing data for responsive decision-making.
  • Manage production, warehouse and inventory, time and labour, quality planning and execution, scheduling and dispatching and maintenance planning and execution.
  • Synchronize global manufacturing operations and product supply networks to achieve and sustain operational excellence
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A Typical Day on the Shop Floor

DELMIA Apriso Capabilities

A powerful framework to visualize and manage compliance initiatives spanning production, quality, logistics, packaging, labeling, and distribution activities

Global Manufacturing Suite

DELMIA Apriso Global Manufacturing Suite provides global management of processes, and performance. This provides visibility, magnifying the impact of operational improvements across the whole enterprise.


DELMIA Apriso Production enables manufacturing excellence in the modern production environment by allowing managers to see beyond the four walls and have visibility of the entire product supply network.


DELMIA Apriso Warehouse goes beyond traditional Warehouse Management by providing a unified solution for synchronizing inventory management with production, resulting in improved accuracy and efficiencies.


DELMIA Apriso Quality puts you back in control of your quality program – across the distributed environment you now operate. This allows you to ensure quality across the entire value chain and maximise efficiencies.

Machine Integrator

DELMIA Apriso Machine Integrator makes it easy to interface any DELMIA Apriso application to a wide range of manufacturing equipment (machines, IIoT devices and sensors, RFID readers, robots) on the plant floor.


DELMIA Apriso Maintenance works in close coordination with other DELMIA Apriso applications so you can effectively manage maintenance to minimize disruptions and maximize uptime.

Time and Labour

DELMIA Apriso Time & Labor supports manufacturing excellence by tightly linking labour tracking to plant activities – not only production, but also warehouse, maintenance and quality.

MPI Lite

DELMIA Apriso MPI Lite provides real-time analytics and reporting that are critical to maintaining efficient, competitive plant operations and identifying areas for continuous process improvement.

Manufacturing Intelligence

DELMIA Apriso Manufacturing Process Intelligence gives you broad, real-time visibility to help you identify opportunities to shorten cycle time, reduce scrap and rework, increase quality, and achieve better schedule adherence.

“We have chosen DELMIA Apriso as a proven automotive MES solution to support Lean manufacturing principles and the Autoliv production system to increase the quality of our product, product data and the safety of our products. We save lives. Zero defects are a given in our market”

Jan-Henning Krumme
ACE Program Director, Autoliv

“DELMIA Apriso enabled us to integrate all our manufacturing principles in terms of safety and quality and in terms of plant productivity and efficiency. In IS terms, DELMIA Apriso provides a platform that is easy to implement with a clear mission concerning costs and business cases. Thanks to the modularity of the solution, we can cover all the processes of our factories which have different industrial activities.”

Martin Rhein
CIO of Operations at L’Oréal

“Clearly our DELMIA Apriso solution has brought added value to us and our customers by improving our agility. DELMIA Apriso is easy to use for our operators, simplifying shop floor execution and decisions”

L’Oréal Plant Manager

"It [DELMIA Apriso] was the perfect fit for LIXIL: the right global functionality, the right flexibility and integrity for a wide array of products, production methods, and sites, and the right customizability for different screen designs"

Hideharu Tamaki, Senior Manager, IT Strategy Dept.
LIXIL Housing Technology JAPAN Conc, and IT Function LHT IT.

DELMIA Apriso Features

Manufacturing Execution System Features and Capabilities

Data repository and MES integration

Provides a centralized, global repository for detailed product genealogy from disparate sources across the enterprise

Integrates with third party MES, manufacturing IT, ERP, and other enterprise systems or applications. Giving you instant access to current and historical data for your operations.

Flexible serialization schemes

Supports flexible serialization schemes and utilizes existing RFID and barcode scanning technologies.

Offers multilingual and localization support and includes Includes role-based security and web-based interface.

Business Process Management

Built on an adaptive, Business Process Management (BPM) platform for agility and flexibility.

Part of DELMIA Apriso Manufacturing Process Intelligence (MPI) suite of applications, so intelligence data from production, quality, logistics, or other operations for analytics, visibility, and reporting.

Lowers the cost of compliance by ensuring process changes are controlled and documented.

DELMIA Apriso Benefits

Easy to use software which will adapt to your business process

Maintain Consistency

Reduces the time to achieve and sustain process consistency across multiple sites

Process Governance

Simplifies process governance with greater visibility into what  process versions are installed and what process changes have been authorized.

Compliance & Control

Manage your client experience by offering up-to-date and trustworthy.

Capture Process History

Consolidate and maintain a history of "as-built," "as-deployed" and "as-maintained" data from each operation center and logistics operation, providing electronic revision control and approval while supporting the global deployment of best practices.

Improve Visibility, Synchronization and Control

Manufacturing Process Intelligence (MPI) gives you broad, real-time visibility to shorten cycle time, reduce scrap and rework, increase quality, and achieve better schedule adherence. MPI is pre-configured to work with Microsoft Excel and can be accessed by other popular 3rd party applications.

Global Track and Trace Initiatives

Manufacturers must closely track production processes both within and beyond the four walls of the factory. DELMIA Apriso Global Traceability provides a powerful framework to visualize and monitor detailed product genealogy and traceability data to proactively ensure compliance and protect the brand.