Enabling Quality Assurance in a Virtual Environment

What is Q-Checker?

The world-leading system for quality assurance in virtual development

Q-Checker software products allow companies to follow their own design principles and meet essential quality requirements.

When integrated at the beginning of the design phase, Q-Checker can support both the design and engineering of products and parts by encouraging model reuse to eliminate unnecessary rework.

In addition, Q-Monitor, another of the Q-Checker suite of products, allows for statistical assessments to establish a continuous improvement process for PDQ.

What are the benefits of using Q-Checker for Quality Assurance?

  • Reduce Unnecessary Rework:
    Reduce unnecessary re-work by ensuring that all project data is right-first time and adheres to all set quality requirements.
  • Increase Designer Awareness:
    Anticipate and capture requirements of all downstream applications, even where they may not be evident to the designer.
  • Encourage Proactive Learning:
    Identify common design process mistakes and inefficient practices. It is like supporting each designer with the experience and advice of an expert user.
  • Promote Design Re-use:
    Because defects have traditionally been so common in models, most users prefer to rebuild their own, instead of reusing existing ones. This solution helps you to eliminate this habit.

Key Features

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