Use lean methodologies to guide your team collaboration and improve performance

What is DELMIA 3D Lean?

DELMIA 3D Lean on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, helps put lean principles into action to address operational waste, variability and efficiency by engaging the next generation workforce regardless of where or how they work.

Built on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, DELMIA 3D Lean is a widget-based web app that builds better team relationships and performance despite physical or organizational barriers. Using touchscreens on the shop floor or collaborating virtually with remote workers, it drives constructive team behaviors by leveraging rich content and Lean principles to help teams make better decisions and manage actions. Regardless of role, DELMIA 3D Lean supports different team challenges and goals to continuously improve operational efficiency.

The Lean Team Player role leverages a modern interactive environment accessible to everyone on the cloud. It empowers teams to find new ways to innovate by bringing people together in a structure that guides discovery, analysis and collaboration. Leveraging virtual models of product, process and resources, teams can understand the art of the possible and plan for improvement

Key Capabilities:
  • ENGAGE: Build better team relationships despite a physical or organizational barriers
  • REVEAL: Visualize 3D content and data with a digital Lean framework
  • IMPROVE: Make "Lean thinking" a standard part of business, teams and culture
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DELMIA 3D Lean Capabilities

3DEXPERIENCE Platform Role features that help to eliminate nonproductive meetings with no action items:

Easy to use

Simple and easy to use environment accessible to everyone (on the cloud or in person)

Process Integration

Helps you to integrate lean methodologies into your team processes

Visualize 3D Content

Seamlessly work with rich 3D content and visual data to explore operational issues and areas for improvement and innovation

Graphical data

Incorporates operational data and graphical information to guide collaboration and analysis

Follow up

Captures actions and assignments to ensure follow up and issue resolution

Continuous improvements

Anyone can go back to the virtual meeting board before or after the meeting and continue to contribute effectively to drive continuous improvement

Digital Notes & Charts

Manage actions and drive accountability using familiar methods updated for the digital age

Problem Solving

Leverage Lean methodologies and principles as guides and aids towards common activities such as problem solving and root-cause analysis

“DELMIA 3D Lean was the first solution that made it possible for us to have interactive discussions, supported by a clear agenda for the meeting and an action log, which stores and follows up on agreed actions. As soon as we deployed DELMIA 3D Lean, I noticed an immediate benefit.”

Ari Linsuri
Director of Sales and Operations Planning, Valmet

"With DELMIA Quintiq’s advanced planning system supporting our capacity expansion program, we will be able to scale up manufacturing capacity, increase our efficiency and increase agility to satisfy the demands of our valued customers."

Thomas Touborg
SVP Group Operations, Pandora.

“We required a supply chain planning and optimization platform that could accommodate our intricate scheduling requirements, which stems from our unique approach of assembling and cooking products simultaneously. DELMIA Quintiq has an outstanding track record in the industry and its software platform will enable us to maintain the high quality and fulfilment standards our customers have come to expect.”

Andy Berliner
CEO, Amy’s Kitchen

TriMech DELMIA 3D Lean Solution

Learn how the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform allows business to better manage communications

Meeting Challenges

No Structure

Operation team meetings typically lack structure and context. The majority of meetings waste time because they lack focus and structure to drive specific outcomes and actions.


Many teams work separately and lack good working relationships. Whether within or between teams the impact on business continuity is high (especially in today’s disruptive environment).

Overly Complex

Teams do not like complexity. Today’s workers have enough challenges already – they will not adopt software or processes that are not simple to use and tailored to their needs.

Top Down

Organizations enforce “top down” processes. Management dictates operations processes that disempower teams and stifle innovation that could otherwise be adding values to the organization.

Too Much Data

Decisions need to be made using information that is not easy to visualize. Teams need to understand ever-changing product and process data, KPIs (key performance indicators) and a myriad of reference information.

Wrong Behaviour

Driving lean operations improvements requires a change in team behaviours. Traditional team interactions are not truly collaborative and often result in missed opportunities and follow up.

Typical issues the Lean Team Player can address

Team collaboration and meetings need to address these issues:

  • How to collaborate effectively within/between teams.
  • How to drive adoption of Lean principles across manufacturing and operations.
  • How to reinforce problem-solving behaviours and manage corrective actions.
  • How to engage workers and make them more productive.
  • How to make rapid decisions using information that often changes and isn't easy to visualize.
Lean team player interaction

DELMIA 3D Lean Benefits

Easy to use software which will adapt to your business process

Drive Innovation

DELMIA 3DEXPERIENCE Digital Manufacturing drives manufacturing innovation and efficiency by planning, simulating, and modeling global production processes. This computer-based modeling technique leverages 3D visualization and powerful solutions to build products virtually, simulate and optimize new manufacturing system designs, as well as validate production schedules before setting foot in the actual production facility.

Faster Digital to Physical

Simulate manufacturing processes before the physical plant or production line even exists. By proving out plant level considerations such as manufacturing approaches and material flow in the early stages of product development, the product concept can be analyzed to determine the best approach to make the product resulting in faster, better responses to new market opportunities and competition.

Gain Operational Excellence

Operational excellence begins with manufacturing engineering—and engineering is best done in the digital realm. Digital technology has transformed engineering processes such as designing new factories and launching new products, enabling manufacturing engineers to design operational excellence into the projects from the very beginning.

Obtain a Digital Thread of intelligence

DELMIA 3DEXPERIENCE Digital Manufacturing solutions are the critical step in creating a Digital Thread of intelligence – a connected, integrated view extending from the virtual world of design and innovation to the real world of production. Both real and virtual activities can be linked to your extended value chain, and your customers, while ensuring that all product specifications are available to view and manage.