3D Manikin Simulation for Human Ergonomics

What is RAMSIS?

RAMSIS is the world’s leading 3D CAD manikin simulation software.

Developed by Humanetics Digital Ltd, RAMSIS realistically simulates vehicle occupants and analyzes the ergonomics of interiors, allowing you to ensure a high level of product maturity and already save on physical prototypes during the early development of your products on the CAD model.

Though RAMSIS has been proven to add value throughout the automotive industry, it has also become the solution of choice for companies within consumer goods, aerospace and many more industries when analysing the way that humans interact with their products.

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What are the main features of RAMSIS?

  • Market-leading functionality for ergonomics analysis
  • Scientifically validated data based on body measurements and behavior
  • Posture models and physiological joint simulation
  • Integration of field studies and statistical data
  • Animation, movement and the attachment of objects

Key Benefits of RAMSIS

Reduced development time, get products to market faster
Achieve early product maturity in the CAD stage
Faster iteration and coordination in the development stage

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We make automobiles that integrate themselves naturally into the lives of our customers. For us, ergonomics is part of an overall picture.

Peer-Oliver Wagner
Head of Ergonomics and Comfort at the BMW Group
RAMSIS For Automotive

Advanced Simulation of Human Vehicle Interaction

Passengers, instruments and stowage space in passenger cars always need to be accommodated for in an ever-diminishing amount of space – while maintaining the highest possible level of comfort! RAMSIS allows you to simulate, analyze, and implement new concepts ergonomically during CAD model stage, accelerating product maturity and reducing the need for physical prototypes.

Key Capabilities for Automotive include the Simulation of:
  • Seat Ergonomics:
    Design for real-life human interaction and ergonomics, including seat adjustability.
  • Safety:
    Analyze and validate the efficient design of belt systems, from ergonomics to safety standards compliance.
  • Direct and In-Direct Vision:
    Determine the optimal field of view for displays and outside of the vehicle.
  • Control Placement:
    Optimize the location and layout of displays and storage compartments.
  • Age & Demographic Design:
    Enhance Age-appropriate product design taking factors such as strength and vision into account.
  • Ingress & Egress Dimensions:
    Accurately access the openings of the vehicle.
  • Space Utilization:
    Ensure the optimal use of space for storage and passengers.
  • Sufficient Force:
    Determine the required force for closing both doors, and the trunk.
RAMSIS Capabilities
RAMSIS for Aircraft

Advanced Digital Cockpit and Passenger Cabin Simulation

The requirements airlines place on aircraft are multi-faceted: the cockpit must be designed for an international pilot crew and the interior space must be used economically, while still meeting ergonomic requirements.

RAMSIS Aircraft meets all of these complex requirements and works with you to implement them, realistically simulating the posture and movement of pilots, flight crew, passengers and workers in digital design.

Key Capabilities for Aircraft include the Simulation of:

Behavior in the cockpit, cabin and workplace:
Plan the efficient ergonomic design of the cockpit and passenger cabin.

Pilot posture models:
Get automatic calculations of realistic pilot postures for the best possible evaluation of vision, reachability and cognitive perception.

Pedals in the Cockpit:
Identify the optimal position for pedals within the cockpit, including adjustment range.

Passenger Comfort:
Design for passenger comfort, considering factors such as knee movement, and access to economy seats.

Safety in Emergency: Simulate and test safety aspects such as the accessibility of oxygen masks.

On-Board Entertainment:
Assess the usability of in-cabin entertainment systems.

The Crew at Work:
Analyze and optimize the space requirements for moving trolleys through the aisle.

Efficient Maintenance:
Assess the feasibility of aircraft maintenance work.

Stowing Items Safely:
Analyze the operating force needed to reach the overhead stowage compartments.

Industry Applications

How is RAMSIS used?


Aerospace & Aviation

Digital Cockpit and Passenger Cabin Simulation Solutions.

Automotive Ergonomics Simulation with RAMSIS

Domestic Automotive

Ergonomics, Interior Development and Early Product Maturity.

Bus Passenger Ergonomics RAMSIS

Bus & Trucks

Ergonomic concepts to enhance safety for all on board.


Seat Belt Simulation

Optimize Seat Belt Systems.

Vehicle Safety Simulations with RAMSIS

Industrial Vehicles

Solutions to Enhance Safety and Productivity.