Generative Design

Break through Design Barriers

Why use Generative Design?

In today’s competitive market, it’s no longer sustainable to approach design slowly and methodically.

Designers are facing faster design cycles, along with increasingly complex design requirements. Product and component compositions must be lighter, cheaper, more aesthetic, and more streamlined than others on the market.

Because of this, it’s more important than ever for designers to push past conventional ways of working to think innovatively – and quickly. Generative Design is imperative to helping designers develop, validate, and deliver innovative solutions quicker.

What is Generative Design?

Generative design is a design process which allows designers and engineers to create innovative solutions to design problems while addressing other factors such as weight and optimal use of materials.

Designers begin by entering all requirements, and constraints, the program will then generate multiple optimized 3D models that fit each of these goals.

This process allows designers to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to run through a range of design iterations that prioritise strength and durability while reducing material waste.


Algorithmic Generative Design on the Cloud with CATIA

Break Through Design Barriers


In today’s increasingly competitive market designers must push past conventional ways of working to think outside the box. Meeting customer demands is imperative which means innovating one concept at a time is no longer a sustainable method.

CATIA Generative Design Engineering (GDE) enables non-specialists to automatically generate optimized conceptual parts from a functional specification at the push of a button. By varying inputs, designers can generate multiple variations to compare and analyze.  

  • Optimize product weight and stiffness with lightweight engineering
  • Reduce time and cost by evaluating concepts faster
  • Evaluate more concepts while maintaining design specifications
  • Leverage real editable geometry for both conventional and additive manufacturing
  • Easily generate and simulate optimized concept shapes 
  • Manage collaboration between Design, Simulation and Manufacturing Engineers seamlessly 
Generative Design CATIA
Generative Design 3DEXPERIENCE

CATIA Generative Design powered by 3DEXPERIENCE on the Cloud

Take advantage of algorithmic generative design functionality, anytime, anywhere with 3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud. Unlock mobile browser-based, on-the-cloud, generative modeling capabilities, that uniquely combine graphical visual scripting and interactive 3D modeling.

Key Features:
  • Unique single environment that interactively combines a generative 3D modeling approach and a graph-based visual scripting interface.
  • Integrated powerful Engineering Knowledge Language
  • Design and update all types of wireframes and surfaces through logic operations.
  • A progressive and Intuitive user experience from beginners to experts.
  • Embedded templating mechanism to capture and reuse intellectual property.
  • All geometry created is directly available for use in detailed design and manufacture.