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Aerospace Decarbonisation

Interview with Rajkaran Singh from Dassault Systèmes about Aerospace Decarbonisation

We were able to speak with Dassault Systèmes Director Rajkaran Singh regarding aerospace decarbonisation. We took the opportunity to ask him what decarbonisation really means for the industry.

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9 5 24 mulit physics medical

Multi-physics & Multi-disciplinary approach to designing medical devices

Medical devices must meet regulatory requirements and standards during the certification process for commercial use and product distribution. This process is more complex when trans-disciplinary…

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25 4 24 streamlining mbse

Connecting Requirements & Systems Engineering (MBSE)

The integration of requirements engineering, system architecture, design and validation creates a stable foundation for a functioning development process. However, there are still challenges: A…

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emc ENT

On-Demand Webinar: EMC & E3 Simulation

In this webinar, we examine the crucial importance of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) in product design, discussing the associated legal standards, early identification of EMC issues, and solutions for space electromagnetic compatibility analysis including RF co-site interference, radiated susceptibility, and lightning strikes—a must-see for professionals in the high-power space sector.

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rf breakdown ENT

On-Demand Webinar: RF Breakdown Analysis

This webinar dives into workflows between CST Studio Suite and Spark3D for determining breakdown levels, discussing general and narrowband filter-specific workflows, and presenting specialized applications for multipactor breakdown. We cover key aspects of RF Breakdown, the advantages of numerical simulation, demonstrate workflows for space hardware, and introduce the latest developments in Spark3D, making it invaluable for space sector professionals working with high-power hardware.

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rf ENT

On-Demand Webinar: RF Component Level Simulation

Explore our webinar as we delve into the benefits of Frequency Domain solver for highly resonant structures, Time Domain solver for broadband components, share effective filter design workflows for terrestrial and space communications, and provide rapid analysis techniques for waveguide technology—essential for analysts, engineers, and researchers in the high power space sector.

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antenna design ent

On-Demand Webinar: Antenna Design and Installed Performance

Watch our on-demand webinar as we explore using 3DEXPERIENCE for satellite antenna optimization, managing radiofrequency interference, meeting compliance standards, and reducing testing costs through an in-depth analysis of a concept satellite design.

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eng mbse ENT


This webinar we delve into managing requirements engineering using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform in the context of model-based systems engineering (MBSE), reducing system development errors and related costs. We’ll highlight how the platform promotes integrated Requirements Development and Management, facilitated by comprehensive Requirements Planning and Traceability, and discuss rigorous techniques to tackle Requirement errors through integrated model-based capabilities from No Magic and Requirements in Loop simulation from Argosim.

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15 2 24 getting started mbse ND

How to get started with Model-Based Systems Engineering

This webinar illuminates the transformative potential of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) in creating multi-disciplinary virtual prototypes, discussing key success factors, its response to a rapidly evolving world, change mechanisms, and essential tools and methods, providing insightful guidance on breaking silos and implementing MBSE in your organization.

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drop test ENT

On-Demand Webinar: Drop Root Cause Simulation

This webinar will explore the key benefits of using drop test simulation tools within the SIMULIA 3DEXPERIENCE portfolio

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dig twin ent

On-Demand Webinar: Digital Twin and Robotics Modeling

Are you looking to explore how you can leverage digital twins and robotic modeling to streamline your production processes, realize efficiency, and minimize delays? Register to watch our hands-on demo of the 3DEXPERIENCE Twin for Robotics Modeling.

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battery system ENT

On-Demand Webinar: Battery Design: From Chemistry to System

In this on-demand webinar learn how to enhance battery performance and R&D efficiency by integrating multi-scale and multi-physics modeling and simulation.

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On-Demand Webinar: Overcoming Electric & Autonomous Vehicle Challenges: Aerodynamic Battery Technology

This on-demand webinar explores how SIMULIA simulation software plays an essential part in developing new electric batteries

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On-Demand Webinar: Aerodynamic Simulation for Advanced Aircraft Performance

This on-demand webinar explores the key benefits of using advanced simulation tools within the SIMULIA fluids portfolio of solutions helping aircrafts manufacturers to improve aircraft design to increase cruise flight performance

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Light weight ENT

On-Demand Webinar: Be more Competitive with Lightweight Engineering

During this on-demand webinar on lightweight engineering, we explore cognitive augmented design, simulation-driven design, reverse engineering and Composite material solutions.

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