WEBINAR: RF Component Level Simulation

Event Details
Thursday, October 5th
9.00 CST | 15.00 BST

About the WEBINAR: RF Component Level Simulation

When it comes to highly resonant structures, such as bandpass filters and diplexers, the Frequency Domain solver provides great benefits in terms of the simulation accuracy versus speed. Furthermore, it features unique technologies such as the moving mesh, which is important for the mitigation of numerical noise generated by changes in the discretization. It also offers a model order reduction method that is very fast, even in calculating broadband results.

The Time Domain solver is the perfect solution for broadband traveling-wave components like transmission lines and transitions, as well as highpass/lowpass filters. 

  • We show relevant workflows for Filter Design for effective communication network in terrestrial and space applications using the frequency spectrum
  • We show how we provide fast analysis of different components in waveguide technology, which is essential when it comes to optimization routines or complex divide-and-conquer workflows

Who should attend? 
Analysts, engineers, researchers and specialists in the space sector who are dedicated to the design, analysis and test of hardware subjected to high power levels.

Thursday, October 5th @ 9.00 CST | 15.00 BST — ONLINE

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