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The Importance of Antennas in Autonomous Vehicle Communication

Antenna And Sensor Design For ADAS AND AV

This ebook explores the role of antennas and sensors in ADAS systems, their sensitivity to placement effects, interference, and environmental factors. Learn how simulation techniques can optimize system design, reduce development time and costs, and enhance safety in this comprehensive guide


CST Studio Suite EM Simulation for Automotive Applications

With the electromagnetic simulation tools in CST Studio Suite vehicles can be evaluated using virtual prototyping from the early stages of the design process.

New Space New Opportunities

Exploring ‘New’ Space: New Space, New Opportunities

New Space, the entrepreneurial space age, is growing faster than ever, providing chances for businesses to develop their ideas and accelerate return on investment.

Launch stand out product

Develop and Launch a Stand Out Product in 5 Steps

A stand out product has the power to deliver transformative human experiences that enrich lives and provide a positive global impact. However, moving from ideation to reality can be profoundly challenging.

Connected vehicle communication

Connected Vehicle Communication Performance Design and Placement of 5G Antenna Arrays for V2V and V2X Communication

Learn about the Dassault Systèmes accurate and efficient electromagnetic computational solutions for the analysis of connected vehicle antenna design, antenna placement and antenna performance.

Implement Performance-Driven Project Management with PLM Analytics

Performance-Driven Project Management With PLM Analytics

With Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) a vast amount of data is collected to help evaluate performance. But project managers still lack useful analysis and project management capabilities to predict and ensure project success.

Legacy PLM Software

Why Transition from your Legacy PLM to an Innovation Platform

Many manufacturers face recent announcements from software vendors that their current Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software will not be supported going forward. If you find yourself in this position, the time has come to move away from your legacy PLM software.

Made-to-Cure: Improve agility and productivity across engineering, manufacturing and supply chain for medical devices

Made To Cure For Medical Devices

Made to Cure for Medical Device Industry Solution Experience enables medical device companies to boost the agility and performance of their operations to produce high-quality medical devices.

Develop Safe and Effective Medical Devices with Collaborative Design and Simulation

Engineered To Cure Industry Solution

Learn how modeling and simulation for medical device development reduces reliance on physical testing, facilitates greater innovation, and improves device quality and safety.

supply chain planner’s playbook

Supply Chain Planner’s Playbook

The supply chain planner’s playbook brings to you the very latest insights and technology in the field of supply chain planning. You’ll find out what’s new in supply chain planning, and learn how to select, implement and use the latest supply chain planning technology.

Transforming medical devices

Transforming Medical Devices with Sustainable Innovation

Learn how the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform and Industry Solution Experiences for Life Sciences is transforming medical device companies and their suppliers to accelerate product innovation.

CATIA ICEM Design Experience

Introducing CATIA ICEM Design Experience

ICEM Design Experience is the new generation modeling application on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. It gives CAS designers the ability to bring innovative concepts to life quickly.