DELMIA Virtual Factory

Solutions for the creation and simulation of a 3D digital twin of a factory

3D layout models of the machines, workcells, lines and plants can be created from scratch using standard library components, from a 2D drawing, or from a point cloud generated from scanning your actual facility.

These models can be used to perform factory flow simulation analyses in order to optimize material flows and improve productivity. The same model can be used to visualize and check the mechanical behavior of machines and tools on the line in order to verify the manufacturability of new products or the performance of layout changes. You can even connect your workcells to a PLC and perform a “virtual commissioning” of your workcell or line.

TriMech Solution

DELMIA Virtual Factory Solution:

The same models can be used to visualize and check the mechanical behavior of machines and tools on the line in order to verify the manufacturability of new products or the performance of layout changes.

DELMIA Virtual Factory comprises of two distinct areas:

  • Factory Planning & Layout
  • Manufacturing Flow & Simulation
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Discover the Factory of the Future with DELMIA

Factory Planning & Layout

Define and simulate the plant layout, flow, assets and resources needed to produce products efficiently and in a safe environment.

Using 3D virtual experience twin technology, rapidly validate normal production change requests or quickly pivot operations to alternative products as the result of disruptive events.

  • Virtual Commissioning: Robots and machines are tested virtually before sending them to real machines.
  • Simulate Machines and Ergonomics: As the factory flow is modeled, machines and the ergonomics that are associated with the line are simulated
  • Define Plant Layout: Manage a full plant Layout in 3D including the ability to position and manipulate resources. With layout data accessible throughout the extended enterprise, it means that intellectual property can be leveraged.

Manufacturing Flow & Simulation

Enrich the product and resource definition; define and validate a process plan and create work instructions for the manufacturing process to meet production goals.

Digital visualization of resource and process changes help accelerate time-to-production in any scenario, from any location, leveraging the cloud.

  • Simulate Factory Flow: Once the production line is created in a virtual model, the flow of products can be simulated and the flow of work in those production lines, to have validation of manufacturing process plans.
  • Machine & Tooling Design: Define and Build Virtual Machines in an intuitive 3D environment.
  • Create 3D Work Instructions: Create the work instructions  for the machine or the operator.
  • Enrich Product and Resource Definition: Convert the EBOM into an MBOM to understand how to manufacture the part.
  • Define Process Plan: With the definition, it is time to design the process plan which will include the actual sequence of events.

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