DELMIA Augmented Reality

Revolutionize Your Manufacturing Processes with Augmented Reality Solutions


What is DELMIA Augmented Experience?

DELMIA Augmented Experience is a unique solution that uses augmented reality technology to improve the efficiency of industrial operations through contextualized digital data on the shop floor, assisting the operators in their assembly, inspection, and maintenance tasks.

By leveraging the virtual twin in the field, digital instructions are displayed directly in the work environment via augmented reality software, offering real-time visualization of the digital content superimposed on the real products and enabling operational data collection throughout the process.

DELMIA Augmented Reality Capabilities

A powerful solution that brings together the real and virtual worlds. Discover how DELMIA Augmented Experience can help you revolutionize manufacturing quality inspection, assembly and maintenance processes.

Overlay Digital Assembly Instructions Directly on a Product

Improve Manufacturing Processes with Augmented Reality Assembly Assistance
DELMIA Augmented Experience is an augmented reality-based solution that helps operators in their assembly tasks. It guides them step-by-step throughout the process thanks to 3D visualization and augmented reality technology superimposing virtual information on the real environment and displaying digital assembly instructions directly on the product.

Digitalize Maintenance Operations

Strengthen Your Industrial Maintenance with Augmented Reality
Maintenance tasks can be complex, with documentation that is difficult to interpret, and the risk of missing a defect or making a mistake during the repair operation is high. DELMIA Augmented Experience guides operators through maintenance operations via interactive step-by-step instructions displayed in AR directly on the part.

Improve Quality Inspection

Improve Inspection and Quality Control Processes with Augmented Reality

DELMIA Augmented Experience revolutionizes these processes with faster and more reliable inspection and control operations assisted by augmented reality. By amplifying the quality process, users can reduce the risk of errors in defect location or interpretation by up to 90% and cut inspection time by up to 40%.