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Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, BIOVIA delivers scientific software that helps users in life and materials sciences transform innovation.

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Leverage Virtual Predictive Sciences for Innovative Medicine Creation with BIOVIA

The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing an unprecedented transformation that will undoubtedly lead to additional mergers and acquisitions, the emergence of new disruptive business models that will increase value for all stakeholders in the healthcare sector, and, most importantly, the creation of innovative medicine.

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Is Battery Technology Sustainable

Is Battery Technology Sustainable?

Battery technology has come a long way in recent years and is critical in creating a more sustainable future, but is battery technology sustainable? – We will explore this topic throughout the article.

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Battery cell manufacturing

EV Challenges: Aerodynamic Battery Technology 

Discover how leveraging advanced simulation solutions can help you develop aerodynamic battery technology, increase vehicle range and ensure battery efficiency.

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Blog Image How are Electric Vehicle Batteries made

Industry Insight: How are Electric Vehicle Batteries made? 

This article will explore how Electric Vehicle Batteries are Made, the challenges manufacturers face and solutions to overcome these challenges.

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BIOVIA CISPro Chemical Inventory Management


BIOVIA CISPro is a Chemical Management System that streamlines and consolidates your organization’s material inventory, ordering, purchasing, and compliance activities. 

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Chemical inventory management

How to ensure chemical inventory safety and compliance with regulations

A close look at how inconsistent, inefficient and inaccurate chemical inventory management processes are incurring higher risk, and how to address the challenges.

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Scientific Management Operation

Transform your Scientific Management Operations with BIOVIA CISPro

BIOVIA CISPro delivers a range of sophisticated capabilities that streamlines scientific management operations and optimizes container tracking and reporting.

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BIOVIA Scientific Management Software


BIOVIA scientific management software assists science-based organizations in developing and connecting biological, chemical, and material innovations.

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Unlock the Power to Innovate – 3DEXPERIENCE Trial

Unlock the Power to Innovate with our 3-month 3DEXPERIENCE trial.

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3DEXPERIENCE Start Up Program Blog

3DEXPERIENCE Start-Up Program: A Complete Product Development Suite for Start-Ups

With our 3DEXPERIENCE Start-Up Program, you can harness the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE used by industry leaders such as Renault, Boeing, Airbus and many more at a fraction of the cost.

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