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What is BIOVIA?

BIOVIA solutions provides a scientific management environment that can assist science-based organizations in developing and connecting biological, chemical, and material innovations to improve the way we live.

BIOVIA provides science- and process-based organizations with the tools and environment they need to simplify complex processes, collaborate effectively globally, and innovate faster and at a lower cost. 

BIOVIA's portfolio integrates a wide range of science, experimental processes, and information requirements from research to development, QA/QC, and manufacturing.  


Key Features in BIOVIA

  • Pipeline Pilot: Discuss best practices and research and development developments in application development, cheminformatics, data science/AI, and machine learning
  • Drug Discovery & Development: Discuss cheminformatics, modeling and simulation, protein modeling, artificial intelligence/machine learning, generative design, and analytics
  • QUMAS: Document control, enterprise content, quality processes, training, dashboards, and reports are some of the topics covered
  • Materials Studio: Investigate applications for catalysts, polymers, nanomaterials, semiconductors, batteries, solutions, and a variety of other materials
  • Discoverant: Discuss CPV, meta-monitoring, predictive modeling, hierarchy creation, data access and sharing, and so on


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BIOVIA is Science for Scientists

BIOVIA Disciplines

BIOVIA is committed to help customers drive innovation, increase productivity, improve quality and compliance, reduce costs and accelerate time to market with a comprehensive software portfolio including:

Biopharma Quality and Compliance

BIOVIA assists in achieving Quality and Business Excellence through a new and comprehensive data-centric that supports patient safety, treatment efficacy, sustainability, and brand reputation protection.

Key Features:
  • Automate and streamline quality processes
  • Automate reporting with data-based structured documents
  • Control quality processes and documents from a single system.
  • Cut down on inspection time
  • Minimize Cost-of-Ownership
  • Adopt a comprehensive, data-centric proactive approach to quality
Formulations Design

The Formulations Design and Management solution from BIOVIA assists in increasing productivity, controlling costs, and bringing products to the market faster.

Key Features:
  • Build, manage, label and launch real-world formulations in compliance with regulations
  • Manage master and site recipes and optimize costs across plants
  • Define formula characteristics and compare performance results against specifications
  • Edit formulas with real-time regulatory violation detection and find material alternates and substitutes quickly
  • To adjust costs, compare multiple similar formulas in a single view
Manufacturing Analytics

BIOVIA provides self-service, on-demand access to process and quality data from disparate databases and paper records to process development, quality, and manufacturing users.

Key Features:
  • Access and automatically aggregate and contextualize all process and quality data
  • Obtain visibility into process performance at all departments and levels in the organization
  • Gain better process understanding by ad-hoc analysis of data
  • Perform upstream and downstream correlations across pooling and splitting points in the process stream
  • Make GMP decisions for deviation investigations and batch dispositioning
Scientific Informatics

Researchers may effortlessly combine, process, and analyze data with BIOVIA while quickly sharing and debating results. Scientifically aware technologies also help to ensure that researchers have the tools they need to dig deeper into their data.

Key Features:
  • Register, track and manage individual projects and product candidates throughout the development pipeline
  • Utilize advanced, discipline-specific tools for chemistry and biology to more efficiently examine data
  • Create and manage a common workspace for collaboration between internal and external teams
  • Automate processes for aggregating, blending, analyzing, and reporting data and experimental results
Data Science

BIOVIA provides a framework for developing and validating data science. From data access and aggregation to sophisticated analytics, modeling, and reporting, automating these processes help users make the most of their data.

Key Features:
  • Automate data blending and preparation for analysis.
  • Easily implement sophisticated analytics and machine learning models into end-to-end workflows
  • Create powerful applications in a graphical, code-free environment.
  • Deploy workflows for easy sharing and reuse
  • Create interactive dashboards for quick data consumption.
Laboratory Informatics with BIOVIA

BIOVIA offers a solution for eliminating disconnected and paper-based processes that are error-prone and impede access to vital data throughout the R&D and manufacturing lifecycle.

Key Features
  • Speed up the design and development process
  • Leverage accurate and indelible experimental results for more efficient decision-making
  • Track lab activities and processes for greater insight and resource allocation
  • Reduce compliance risks by capturing data directly in the lab and storing it as a single source of truth for all future work
Molecular Modeling and Simulation

BIOVIA presents an overview of the underlying atomic interactions that contribute to product performance. In silico testing enables researchers to test hypotheses with minimal risk and cheaper cost, opening new lines of exploration.

Key Features:
  • Utilize a wide range of trusted modeling and simulation engines to virtually test and optimize products
  • Investigate and test hypotheses in silico prior to costly experimental implementation
  • Leverage an open and scalable framework to automate processes and create and deploy custom workflows
  • Simulate experiments to gain a better understanding of what is happening in your lab

“Our new EDMS and EQMS SOP system provides a more fully harmonized document management system supporting collaborative drug development and continuous improvement.”

Global SOP Manager
Specialty Pharmaceutical Company

"Strong partnership through CONTRACT RESEARCH makes all the difference. Our engineers now use workflows created by validated first-principles 3D Chemistry based modeling & simulations to innovate 40% faster"

Manager, Cell Design Lab
Automotive Manufacturer

"The Battery Technology Center used battery materials modeling and simulations expertise of CONTRACT RESEARCH scientific team to save our company both time and money"

 Battery Risk Manager
Aerospace Contractor

BIOVIA Features

A scientific collaborative environment for advanced biological, chemical and materials experiences.

Optimize your Laboratories and Leverage Knowledge to Improve Time to Market

A general Experimentalist developing methods and processes as well as preparing and analyzing materials in research and development laboratories.

  • Research and Development Excellence:  Domain specific content to enable documenting laboratory processes in a standard, reproducible format
  • Knowledge Capitalization:  Easy and comprehensive access to laboratory processes including fully parameterized analytical capabilities
  • Total Quality:  Extensive lifecycle, audit, review by exception and compliance tools
Create, manage and run simulations to predict material performance and improve battery electrolyte design

Provides battery materials optimization capabilities to domain expert scientists.  Use pre-packaged models to make predictions of battery materials performance in order to prioritize physical testing to reduce the time and cost of battery material optimization:

  • Design new battery electrolyte candidate formulations and execute predictions of the formulation performance using modeling and simulation methods
  • Run single variable virtual experiments of materials to correlate material choices with performance criteria.
  • Collate simulation data to make decisions on materials to take forward to physical testing
Create, manage and run molecular simulations of cured resin formulations to design and optimize high performance composite materials

Provides materials modeling and simulation capabilities to domain expert scientists in order to optimize the design of high-performance composites through study of resin formulations.

  • Design new candidate resin formulations and the chemical cure reaction mechanism
  • Execute simulations to create cured network models at atomistic scales
  • View cured network structure models and extent of cure

BIOVIA Benefits

Easy to use software which will adapt to your business process

Global Support

BIOVIA supports more than 2,000 companies globally in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemicals, energy, consumer packaged goods, aerospace, automotive, high tech and industrial products industries as well as academic and government entities.

Lower the barrier to Artificial Intelligence

BIOVIA offers a comprehensive collection of solutions to support the development, maintenance and deployment of data science solutions. Lower the barrier to Artificial Intelligence with a prebuilt Machine Learning architecture or easily integrate your own from 3rd party tools such as Python and R.

On Premises and in the Cloud

BIOVIA’s solutions for Scientific Informatics are purpose-built to capture, store, manage and mine scientific data and information both on premises and in the cloud. Through this combined portfolio, we provide comprehensive data visualization and analysis software enabling scientists to convert raw data into actionable insight.

Supports the entire Process Lifecycle

BIOVIA supports the entire manufacturing process lifecycle from process development through scale-up and tech transfer to final production by allowing customers to leverage their process and quality data to maximize efficiency, product quality and yield while meeting regulatory requirements and reducing costs in production processes.