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PowerACOUSTICS® is the leader in digital acoustic and aeroacoustic solutions for cars, heavy equipment, trains and aircraft.

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Tire Engineering Tire Noise Analysis with Advanced Simulation

Tire Engineering: Conducting Noise Analysis with Advanced Simulation

One critical factor when it comes to driver and passenger experience is noise, in this article we will explore how advanced simulation techniques, such as those offered by SIMULIA, are used to conduct tire noise analysis. 

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Blog Image 0011 NoiseVibration

Mitigating Vehicle Noise and Vibration with SIMULIA Simulation Software

In this article learn about the various ways in which SIMULIA simulation software can be used to identify, address, and eliminate vehicle noise and vibration before designers and engineers even reach the physical prototyping stage.

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Volvo Trucks SIMULIA

Volvo Trucks North America use SIMULIA analysis to achieve sustainable transport solutions

Learn how Volvo Trucks North America is driving sustainability through Virtual Twin Technology, while enhancing Aerodynamic Performance with Advanced Fluid Simulation.

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