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Consumer Goods & Retail

Learn how leading Consumer Goods and Retail companies are leveraging digital solutions to deliver innovation from concept to consumer with extraordinary speed to delight consumers and drive sustainable business growth.

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6 Reasons to Adopt Virtual Testing for Vehicle Development

6 Reasons to Adopt Virtual Testing for Vehicle Development 

In this blog, we dive deep into how Virtual Testing for Vehicle Development is revolutionizing the automotive industry—accelerating the design process, minimizing errors, and delivering vehicles that are not just exceptional but also safer and more reliable.

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battery system ENT

On-Demand Webinar: Battery Design: From Chemistry to System

In this on-demand webinar learn how to enhance battery performance and R&D efficiency by integrating multi-scale and multi-physics modeling and simulation.

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DELMIA Packaging Work Instructions

Product and Packaging Manufacturing Engineer

Perform product assembly feasibility studies in 3D with powerful, intuitive capabilities to discover potential assembly issues using the Product and Packaging Manufacturing Engineer Role

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SIMULIA Fluid Dynamics Engineer

Fluid Dynamics Engineer

The Fluid Dynamics Engineer Role is designed for people who perform routine CFD, fluid flow and thermal calculations to guide design modifications and explore innovative design concepts.

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Electromagnetics Engineer 3dexperience role

Electromagnetics Engineer

Delivering high-performance 3D electromagnetics engineer simulation for analyzing and optimizing electromagnetic components and systems on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.

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Seat Design and human ergonomics with RAMSIS

Accelerate and Enhance Seat Design with RAMSIS Human Ergonomics Software

If you need to virtually evaluate human ergonomics for seat design of vehicles or consumer products, then RAMSIS is the software you need. 

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Electromagnetics Engineer CST Antenna Design

Electromagnetic Simulation for Antenna Design and Placement/IoT

Watch the on-demand video to learn about the increasing complexity of antenna design and the vital role of electromagnetic simulation to ensure optimal connections

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Speed production planning

DELMIA helped Speed to centralize it’s production planning with measureable gains

To satisfy changing customer buying habits and deal with increased competition, Speed Group, leading extruded synthetic monofilament manufacturer, needed to improve flexibility and production planning efficiency by adapting its business model to fulfill smaller, more frequent orders from its customers.

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3dexcite vr marketing blog cover

Enhance Your Product Launch with VR Marketing Powered by 3DEXCITE

3DEXCITE helps brands create VR marketing experiences where the products interact with people through rich media to build brands.

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Amtech PCB Production PLM

Amtech Electrocircuits choose Aras Enterprise Open Source PLM

Growing provider of electronic innovation support and electronics manufacturing services Amtech uses the Aras Innovator to optimize processes, reduce costs and take their business to the next level.

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Kinetic Vision Office

Kinetic Vision needed a scalable simulation tool for accurate virtual testing

Kinetic Vision used SIMULIA tools and the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform on the cloud solution to create virtual twins of clients’ products and to scale for their project needs.

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Amy's Kitchen DELMIA Quintiq

Amy’s Kitchen Sustainable Supply Chain Planning for food production on a global level

DELMIA Quintiq helps Amy’s Kitchen efficiently produce and distribute wholesome, quality food to the world.

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