Tire Simulation and Virtual Testing

The tire industry is undergoing several major upheavals. In particular, the urgent demand for more sustainable products is driving innovation. Tire manufacturers recognize it is time to change and the need for tire simulation and virtual testing with SIMULIA products:

Become more sustainable with tire simulation

Download the white paper to learn about the new Dassault Systèmes solutions for tire manufacturers to help them meet the needs of new markets while cutting development costs, time to market and reducing risk. Understand how tire manufactures are able to:

  • Collaborate: Break down silos between stakeholders with seamless integration of data from all parts of the organization via a common data model.
  • Democratize: Simulation templates and automatic processes allow non-specialists to use simulation tools.
  • Be more sustainable: Reduce waste and physical prototypes. Explore new materials at the start of development for innovative new designs.
  • Reduce costs: Cut costs and development times using virtual twins. Avoid the risk of costly late stage design changes.
  • Avoid risks: Simulate to test and validate performance before committing to expensive and time consuming physical testing.
  • Innovate: Test the viability of innovative new ideas early in development. Use DoE to explore the design space to find new potential concepts.

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