Achieve Future-Ready Operations across the CPG Sector with the Virtual Twin Roadmap

The establishment of future-ready, robust and agile operations from beginning to end requires readiness as complexities rise. This blog will examine the potential benefits of using the Virtual Twin roadmap to ensure you can optimize your manufacturing processes and supply chain while managing ever-changing constraints to build future operations.

Preventing Disruptions

The times we live in are very disruptive. Companies that produce consumer packaged goods (CPG) must reconsider how they will react to convergent disruptions if they are to survive in the modern business environment.

This includes considering many ongoing factors, such as; shifting consumer preferences, unstable commodity prices, emerging economies that are poised to lead worldwide consumption and growth and escalating regulations for environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) practices.

A tipping point has already been achieved within the CPG sector. To effectively handle challenges and propel the next wave of growth, company leaders must adapt their operations immediately.

Agile end-to-end planning is driving this shift because it can swiftly determine the most creative solution that meets key performance indicators (KPIs) in a constantly changing context.

Operations leaders are well on their way to creating processes that are future-ready and resilient thanks to the virtual twin’s sophisticated planning capabilities.

Take the initiative with virtual capabilities

Today’s manufacturing and supply chain processes are intricately linked; a single disruption can cause stress on the whole network. Establishing robust procedures that are effective in changing circumstances is crucial for businesses.

With the aid of virtual twin technology on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, businesses may contextualize data, investigate a myriad of options, and choose the most practical and optimal plan in accordance with KPIs.

By building a precise, real-time updating digital model of operations, virtual twin technology allows you to:

  • Evaluate and maximize your machinery, labor force, and the overall productivity of a manufacturing floor
  • Become aware of every aspect of the supply chain, from the sources of raw materials to the manufacturing and delivery of products
  • Enable sustainable operations by giving innovators a platform to develop more environmentally friendly strategies and procedures
  • Motivate decision-making based on important business KPIs
  • With the correct solution in place, businesses can reduce risks, become more adaptable, and maintain profitable development even in the face of interruptions.

How does virtual twin technology work?

Master scheduling allows you to gain end-to-end visibility of your supply chain and optimize your finite resources to be more competitive, agile and sustainable. With master scheduling you can improve upon your decision-making to drive delivery performance, all while reducing costs and waste.

Demand-driven planning allows you to improve order lead time and modify plans more quickly. By increasing your manufacturing agility, demand driven planning eliminates manual planning and provides a dynamic and collaborative planning system.

Smart factory allows you to digitally connect all manufacturing assets for real-time information visibility and improved equipment utilization. This is part of a proven strategy that helps increase ‘right-first-time’ metrics and accelerate new product introductions.

Smart and resilient production planning allows you to connect supply and operational plans across sites for full visibility and margin improvement through recipe optimization and supply chain efficiency. By undertaking smart and resilient production planning, you will be able to make rapid decisions that best drive your delivery and profitability goals, even when demands change or disruptions occur.

Future Readiness on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

By utilizing virtual twin technology on a robust business platform, you may evaluate many scenarios and determine the optimal course of action that meets your essential KPIs.

When combined with insights from advanced analytics, you’ll be able to decide more quickly and wisely—even in the face of disruptions.

In order to proactively improve your manufacturing and supply chain while reactively adapting to the ups and downs of daily changes, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform facilitates future-ready operations maturity.

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