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Consumers in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Retail sectors of the market are more interested in collaborative product experiences than they are in pricing and product quality alone these days.

Customers will go on to another brand or retailer if they are not met with these expectations. CPG product lifecycles are therefore increasingly shorter. Prominent CPG and retail corporations are utilising digital technologies to expedite the delivery of innovation from concept to consumer, hence gratifying customers and fostering long-term corporate expansion.

Included in the first to market Consumer Packaged Goods industry white paper

Download our comprehensive white paper to discover how to significantly enhance your business’s operational efficiency by focusing on five critical supply chain metrics:

  1. Delivery in Full and On Time
  2. Forecast Accuracy
  3. Supplier Performance
  4. Inventory Accuracy
  5. Throughput

When consumers want it yesterday, be first to make it bring it to market.

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