DELMIA Ergonomics

Analyze and predict human comfort, safety and performance

DELMIA ergonomics analysis enables efficient evaluation of workplace and product designs through a 3D immersive environment.

DELMIA Ergonomics Analysis allows users to analyze and predict human comfort, safety and performance for targeted populations directly within the 3D virtual environment. These analysis capabilities enable engineers to examine, score and iterate whole body and specific segment postures to determine a person’s safety level, as well as their ability to perform defined work in the context of a product or workplace design.

TriMech Solution

Study basic and advanced ergonomics issues with DELMIA:

  • With DELMIA Ergonomics Analysis, user-defined manikins can be created to represent a specific population with access to any of the 103 anthropometry variables.
  • The boundary manikin technique gives users the ability to ensure that their products accommodate a global target audience.
  • As such, products can be analyzed for selected populations in America, Europe and Asia – an important consideration for companies designing products for global markets
DELMIA Ergonomics
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Workplace Ergonomics with DELMIA 3DEXPERIENCE

TriMech Ergonomic Solutions

Learn how DELMIA Ergonomics solutions make more efficient and safer workplaces

Dassault Systèmes Solves Ergonomic Problems

Ready-to-use Ergonomic Solutions to Design, Simulate, Analyze and Validate Worker Assembly and Maintenance Tasks.

Your Workforce is as Important as the products they manufacture. Targeted for consultants and SMB companies that want to study basic and advanced ergonomics issues within their manufacturing environments, DELMIA offers a ready-to-use, role-based ergonomics solution to evaluate and explore human activity in the workplace.

Human workplace simulation and human work analysis provide such organizations with ergonomic tools specifically geared towards understanding and simulating the worker task for the products they manufacture, install, operate and maintain.

DELMIA Benefits
  • Open architecture for customization and extension
  • Address specific ergonomic needs such as Reach, Vision, Clearance, and Space
  • Reduce errors with manual feedback on critical stations
  • Reduce number of physical prototypes
  • Validate worker interactions within the workcell
  • Enhanced ease of use for rapid deployment
  • Take human factors into account early in the process design phase
Ergonomics Solutions

DELMIA provides solutions for Rapid Upper Limb Assessment, Lifting and Lowering Analysis, Push, Pull and Carry Analysis, and Biomechanics Analysis with 3D manikins.

Based on the position and the load (weight of an object) specified on the manikin’s segments, this analysis will calculate the moments and forces being applied to each joint. This analysis also provides an indication of the percentage of the manikin’s population that will be unable to perform this action.

Solution Highlights
  • Creation of user-defined manikins to cover targeted populations
  • Comfort, strength or safety scoring for postures with color coding
  • Customization of range of motion for each joint
  • Capture and re-use of ergonomic enterprise standards
  • Lowering of work-related injuries because ergonomics concerns can be identified early in the design process


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