Explore the benefits of ergonomic simulation for aircraft design and development 

Airlines impose various demands on their aircraft, for example, the cockpit must be built for an international pilot crew and the interior must be utilised efficiently while still satisfying ergonomic standards. 

In order to accurately simulate the posture and movement of pilots, flight crew, passengers, and workers in digital design, RAMSIS Aircraft complies with all these challenging requirements and works with you to put them into practice.

Aircraft ergonomics with RAMSIS

Aircraft ergonomics with RAMSIS

What are the main challenges facing aircraft design and development?

There are many elements prevalent to designers when considering how to best design and develop an aircraft.

Seating position in the cockpit

One of the main issues to consider is the cockpit’s general seating position. This includes the positioning of the suite within the aircraft and the design of adjustment fields. Another element to consider is the reachability and operation of switches by pilots. Vision analysis must also be considered. What is outward visibility? Are there any obvious obstructions to the view? It is also essential to look at the forces that will affect the aircraft whilst in take-off, flight and landing.

Packaging and seat design

Another challenge facing designers of aircraft is packaging and seat design. Analysis needs to be run based on the pilot or passenger posture model, in addition to this, seating postures also need to be calculated, along with the correct eyepoint location, leg room and foot clearance, as well as the armrest.

When considering these elements, it is vital to ensure that as designers, you allow yourself the best technology to ensure your product is developed to stand out in the crowd.

How can RAMSIS help designers overcome aircraft design and development challenges?

RAMSIS is the most comprehensive ergonomic simulation software for the design of vehicles and aircraft and is the world’s leading 3D manikin simulation software. This set of software tools you to simulate human interactions with your cabin designs, this can help you reduce the number of physical prototypes and tests you need to carry out, while also accelerating your time to market.

RAMSIS will help you to reduce the number of physical tests you need to carry out and in turn reduce your development costs. This will allow you to reduce the number of design iterations produced and therefore allow you to achieve a shorter time-to-market. This increase in efficiency will enable you to better tailor your cockpit and interior designs to the specific needs of your target market.

RAMSIS will define body dimensions and postures for you, allowing you to carry out experiments steeped in reality; offering consistent results across the market. With up-to-date data across documented international databases, you will be able to define based on your desired parameters, including, age groups, reference years, secular growth, and adjustment of body dimensions possible within feasible ranges, all with realistic credible appearances.

With RAMSIS you can ensure that:

  • Your designs and products have shorter product development cycles and quicker product launches
  • In the CAD stage, your designs and products are able to achieve early product maturity
  • You can reply upon quicker coordination and iteration during the development phase

Having been used by several notable brands, including Airbus, Embraer, Aerospace and the Royal Australian Air Force, RAMSIS is an application you can put your trust in.

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RAMSIS is the world’s leading 3D CAD manikin simulation software. Developed by Human Solutions Ltd, RAMSIS realistically simulates vehicle occupants and analyzes the ergonomics of interiors.

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