Leveraging RAMSIS Ergonomic Simulation Software for Advanced Vehicle Development

Learn more about RAMSIS ergonomic simulation software and how your team can evaluate the human factors involved in the development of vehicles.

RAMSIS is the world’s leading 3D manikin and the most comprehensive ergonomic simulation software for the design of vehicles and aircrafts. Realistically simulating vehicle occupants RAMSIS analyses the ergonomics of interiors and includes the realistic representation of the human being as early as possible in the development process. This allows you to ensure an elevated level of product maturity and save on physical prototypes during the early development of your products.   

How can RAMSIS help your Vehicle Development process?

By utilizing RAMSIS, you can:  

  • Reduce the number of physical tests you need  
  • Cut your development costs by more than 50%  
  • Reduce the number of design iterations you produce  
  • Achieve shorter time-to-market 
  • Increase process efficiencies through fast comparison of different design options  
  • Improve the design of your vehicle in line with the individual requirements of your target customers
  • Speed up the physical testing process

Design Optimization with RAMSIS

RAMSIS has multiple anthropometric databases available to it – these databases include data collected from human studies where 3D scanning has been done of the population to create those databases. From these databases, which have taken several years to collect, RAMSIS is able to forecast how the population will change and evolve over the next 10, 15 or 20 years.

Using these databases will allow you to optimize your design processes, drawing on a plethora of data to ensure your designs meet the needs of your customer.  

In addition to this, RAMSIS will allow you to draw direct comparisons between different manikins. Enabling you to draw accurate assessments on posture, seat track travel, reachability, vision and ease of operation. Considering these elements will ensure you are leading the market with deigns that directly meet your customers’ needs.  

Automotive Ergonomics Simulation with RAMSIS

Automotive Ergonomics Simulation with RAMSIS

Leveraging Ergonomic Simulation Software for Advanced Vehicle Development

The main aim of ergonomic simulation is to evaluate the human factors involved in your development process and draw conclusions to ensure that your designs are as advanced as possible. 

With RAMSIS you can simulate these human factors by focusing on the following elements: 

  • Realistic test collectives worldwide: Based on the world’s largest anthropometric database, RAMSIS enables you to generate any target group, to define size, gender, population and age-specific characteristics and model them in 3D. 
  • Role-based posture calculation: The RAMSIS occupants can be given separate roles, each of which knows it’s typical posture and movement models. RAMSIS automatically calculates these task and role-specific postures based on the vehicle interior. Thanks to state-of-the-art posture studies, the virtual test persons behave realistically when sitting, standing, or performing tasks. 
  • Integration of field studies and statistical data: RAMSIS can integrate the data of individual test persons or use it for defining the test persons pool. The software is also based on data from field studies on movement behaviour in vehicles, in interiors and on the operation of elements in the vehicle. 
  • Animation, movement, and the attachment of objects: Many animation and simulation functions are available in RAMSIS. Manikin movements can be recorded for simple simulation of processes. Objects (e.g., shoes or helmets) can be attached to occupants and included in the posture calculation and analysis. RAMSIS also has an integrated gender-dependent shoe library. 

Ergonomic Simulation Software for Vehicle Development: Summary

The customer’s perception of ergonomics as a quality component is growing, and it is increasingly being used as a key differentiator. With RAMSIS, innovative ideas can be implemented ergonomically, and a high level of product maturity can be attained even at the CAD model stage. 

Find out more about RAMSIS and how it can help you leverage your ergonomic simulation for advanced vehicle development and get in touch today to book a bespoke demo. 

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RAMSIS is the world’s leading 3D CAD manikin simulation software. Developed by Human Solutions Ltd, RAMSIS realistically simulates vehicle occupants and analyzes the ergonomics of interiors.

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