Boost Aircraft Cockpit Design and Development with Ergonomic Simulation

Learn how RAMSIS Airplane software allows you to take into account a range of issues you may be facing in your aircraft cockpit design.

Airlines today impose a variety of demands on their aircraft. This includes the necessity that the cockpit be built for an international pilot crew and that the interior be utilised economically whilst also satisfying ergonomic standards for aircraft cockpit design. 

Our RAMSIS Airplane solution satisfies all these demanding specifications and collaborates with you to put them into practice, accurately imitating in digital design the posture and movement of pilots, flight crew, passengers, and workers. 

What is RAMSIS? 

RAMSIS is the world’s leading 3D manikin simulation software. The main features of RAMSIS include:  

  • Cutting-edge capabilities for ergonomics analysis 
  • Data based on behaviour and body measures that have been verified by science 
  • Posture models and physiological joint simulation combining field research and statistical data 
  • Animation, motion, and object attachment 

How can RAMSIS help boost your aircraft cockpit design?

Analysing interior ergonomics while realistically simulating vehicle occupants, RAMSIS enables you to guarantee a high degree of product maturity and save money on physical prototypes throughout the early stages of the development of your products. 

Aircraft cockpit design and ergonomics with RAMSIS

Aircraft ergonomics with RAMSIS

RAMSIS Airplane allows you to take into account a range of issues you may be facing in your design of the cockpit. Whether this is general seating positioning, design of adjustment fields, reachability and operation of switches, vision analysis, outward visibility, view obstructions or even force analysis, RAMSIS has you covered.  

In order to ensure the design of your packaging and seat design are optimised, RAMSIS will run analysis based on pilot or passenger posture model to calculate seating postures and determine correct eye point location. Not only this but it will also analyse leg room and foot clearance as well as the armrests. 

Use RAMSIS today to boost your aircraft cockpit design and ensure your operators and passengers have the best reachability, best operability and best vision.  

Key Capabilities for Aircraft include the Simulation of:

  • Behaviour in the Aircraft Cockpit, the Cabin, and the Workplace: Design the Cockpit and the Passenger Cabin with an Effective Ergonomic System. 
  • Pilot posture models: For the most accurate assessment of eyesight, reachability, and cognitive perception, use automated computations of realistic pilot positions. 
  • Pedals in the Cockpit: Choose the best location for the pedals in the cockpit, taking adjustability range into account. 
  • Passenger Comfort: Built with passenger comfort in mind, taking accessibility to economy seats and knee movement into account. 
  • Safety in Emergency: Test and simulate safety features such as the accessibility of oxygen masks.  
  • On-Board Entertainment: Examine how user-friendly the in-cabin entertainment systems are. 
  • The Crew at Work: Evaluate and make the most of the space needed to move carts through the aisle. 
  • Efficient Maintenance: Analyse the viability of performing aircraft maintenance. 
  • Stowing Items Safely: Examine the amount of effort required to reach the overhead storage bins.

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RAMSIS is the world’s leading 3D CAD manikin simulation software. Developed by Human Solutions Ltd, RAMSIS realistically simulates vehicle occupants and analyzes the ergonomics of interiors.

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