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Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, SIMULIA delivers realistic simulation applications that enable users to reveal the world we live in.

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SIMULIA Heart Simulation

Living Heart Human Model

Test cardiovascular device designs in-silico to assess and improve device performance, efficacy, and safety using the Living Heart Human Model Role

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SIMULIA Fluid Dynamics Engineer

Fluid Dynamics Engineer

The Fluid Dynamics Engineer Role is designed for people who perform routine CFD, fluid flow and thermal calculations to guide design modifications and explore innovative design concepts.

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Electromagnetics Engineer 3dexperience role

Electromagnetics Engineer

Delivering high-performance 3D electromagnetics engineer simulation for analyzing and optimizing electromagnetic components and systems on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.

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SIMULIA Durability Analysis

Durability and Mechanics Engineer

The Durability and Mechanics Engineer Role enables comprehensive structural simulations covering statics, implicit and explicit dynamics, durability and fatigue to perform structural integrity assessment of any type of product.

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SIMULIA Durability Performance Engineer

Durability Performance Engineer

Assess the structural performance and durability of products during the design process and intuitively guide design decisions with the Durability Performance Engineer Role

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Composite Structures Analysis

Composite Structures Analysis Engineer

Perform detailed simulation of composite structures for stiffness, strength, manufacturability, and damage tolerance, while optimizing weight and performance using the Composite Structures Analysis Engineer Role

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SIMULIA Composite Structure

Composite Structures Performance Engineer

Use the Composite Structures Performance Engineer Role to model and validate composite designs for stiffness, strength, and performance requirements, to reduce costs in composite structure prototypes and testing

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SIMULIA Antenna placement

Antenna Placement Electromagnetics Engineer

Enable antenna system integrators and simulation specialists to collaborate on assessment and validation of installed antenna performance with the Antenna Placement Electromagnetics Engineer Role

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SIMULIA Additive Manufacturing Analysis Engineer

Additive Manufacturing Analysis Engineer

Additive Manufacturing Analysis Engineer provides advanced process simulation capability for Additive Manufacturing.

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Modelling and simulation turbine render

What is Modeling and Simulation Software (MODSIM)?

At TriMech Enterprise, we offer a suite of Modeling and Simulation software tools that integrate capabilities from CATIA for product design and engineering, SIMULIA for advanced simulation and optimization, and DELMIA for manufacturing and production.

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Electric Flight Urban Air Mobility

Electric Flight & EVTOL: Aerodynamic design for performance, efficiency and range

Discover how Electric Flight and eVTOL companies are leveraging advanced aerodynamic simulation to enhance and ensure performance, efficiency and range.

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Blog Image 0011 NoiseVibration

Mitigating Vehicle Noise and Vibration with SIMULIA Simulation Software

In this article learn about the various ways in which SIMULIA simulation software can be used to identify, address, and eliminate vehicle noise and vibration before designers and engineers even reach the physical prototyping stage.

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Blog Image Template 16x9 0003 Aerospace Disruption

Industry Insight: Virtual Twin Technology and Aerospace & Defense

Explore the uses and key benefits of leveraging virtual twin technology throughout the aerospace and defense industries.

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Urban Air Mobility

Reinvent the Sky with eVTOL Aircraft and Drone Technology

Reinvent the Sky with the New Era of Urban Air Mobility Powered by the Cloud. Revolutionizing Urban Air Mobility The circulation of people and goods…

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Battery cell manufacturing

EV Challenges: Aerodynamic Battery Technology 

Discover how leveraging advanced simulation solutions can help you develop aerodynamic battery technology, increase vehicle range and ensure battery efficiency.

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