Living Heart Human Model

Test cardiovascular device designs in-silico to assess and improve device performance, efficacy, and safety using the Living Heart Human Model Role

The SIMULIA 3DEXPERIENCE Living Heart Human Model (SHH) Role option is a breakthrough human heart model able to simulate the realistic electromechanical behavior of a beating human heart.

It accelerates the development of safer and more effective cardiovascular devices (such as artificial valves and stents) as well as rhythm management devices (such as implantable defibrillators and RF ablators) by providing a virtual human heart capable of testing the efficacy and safety of new designs. With this role, it is feasible to test scenarios difficult if not impossible to test in the lab, and do so in a day vs one to two months with bench or animal testing, at a fraction of the cost.

The response of the Living Heart is governed by realistic electrical, structural, and fluid flow physics. The model comprises a ready to execute dynamic, electro-mechanical simulation; refined geometry; a blood flow model, and a complete characterization of cardiac tissues including passive and active behaviors, its fibrous nature, and the electrical pathways.

Backed by the power of the SIMULIA Realistic Simulation software suite, the Living Heart can readily be used to study cardiac defects and diseased states and explore treatment options. Model attributes can be modified or redefined entirely, including the geometry, loads and boundary conditions, and material properties. Medical devices can be inserted into the model to study their influence on cardiac function, to validate their efficacy, and to predict their reliability under a wide range of operating conditions.

Living Heart Human Model is built on the proven Abaqus simulation engine.

SIMULIA Living Heart Human Model

SIMULIA Living Heart Human Model

Living Heart Human Model Benefits

  • Manage model complexity through device optimization, image diagnostics, and Surgical and Drug Treatments.
  • Evaluate disease, patient-specific and population variations in the managed environment of the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud with multiphysics engines and tools for materials libraries, disease methodologies and simulation protocols.
  • Virtual Clinical Trial – improve outcomes of clinical studies and accelerate go-to-market.
  • Virtual surgery – improve effectiveness of cardiovascular devices over longer periods of time by anticipating changes in the heart.
  • In-vivo or in-vitro testing – evaluate an.d improve cardiovascular devices within the beating heart.
SIMULIA Heart Simulation Results

SIMULIA Heart Simulation Results

Living Heart Human Model Highlights

  • Anatomically realistic CAD model of healthy 4-chambered adult human heart.
  • Calibrated models for cardiac tissue electrical and mechanical response including fiber orientations, for active and passive responses.
  • Electrical pathways defined via Purkinje fibers and Bundle of His.
  • Simulation-ready models with three mesh densities, predefined boundary conditions, and vascular network model.
  • Physiologically realistic dynamic heart behavior including electrical excitation, cardiac motion (and stresses/strains), and blood flow.
  • Interactive visualization to observe dynamic cardiac motion, stresses, strains, and propagation of electrical signals.
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Visualization tools support efficient post-processing of large-scale simulation data including an option to use remote machines for rendering and visualization computation.

Living Heart Human Model enables interrogation of realistic simulation results with speed, clarity, and control for enhanced decision making.

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