The Optimized Journey of Space Access

The race to gain space access may have been headed by government organisations with a single, monolithic direction during the previous space era.

But everything that has happened since has generated a wealth of knowledge and advanced technology to the point where we are now living in the new space age.

In order to win the space race with successful satellite launches, companies must bridge the divide between the physical and virtual worlds. With a real need to be able to effectively collaborate, innovate, and carry out programmes to manage a complex system of systems, it is essential that the front runners consider their production journey and their processes to grant them access to the New Space age.

The Optimized Journey of Space Access

Space is now open for business. No longer being an exclusive club only for government programs, small start-ups and established aerospace firms alike have a real opportunity to enter into the race to space.

It is essential to ensure that you are empowered in your innovation for space ventures with industry solutions and a stable software infrastructure that holds the capabilities to allow for design, simulation, testing, manufacturing and sustainability.

Tools for digital transformation, like those offered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, provide a method for ensuring your project lifecycle benefits from effective collaboration, innovation and program execution.

Here’s what the optimized journey for your participation in the space race could look like with 3DEXPERIENCE:

Mission Engineering

Model, design, analyse, and integrate the system of systems that includes launch, satellite orbit, and ground operations using a digital mission engineering approach. This guarantees the correct programme setup with all the necessary components to start the design phase.

Design and Analysis

Combine fit, shape, and function on a single digital platform to meet all of your requirements. By doing so, you minimise any risks you may encounter and also benefit from cost reduction and schedule compression.

Test and Validation

Rely on precise multi-scale and multi-physics virtual simulation to cut back on expensive physical testing and accelerate satellite and rocket development.


For effective operation of the physical factory and supply chain network, digitally optimize your supply chain, plant, and processes. This ensures adaptable manufacturing capability and high quality delivered on the first try.


Utilising a virtual twin and flexible, automated, and reliable processes, you can ensure satellite operational excellence with reduced quality concerns and launch risks.

Post Mission

By using reusable launch vehicles and reducing space debris with on-orbit “roadside” assistance services and optimised deorbit plans, we can build a healthy ecosystem both in space and on Earth.


Several new space ventures have found it to be mission critical to use a cloud-enabled platform, such as the 3DEXPERIENCE solution, with its integrated applications for almost all facets of product design.

New space age companies can speed up the product lifecycle from concept to deployment and obtain a crucial first-to-market advantage with the integrated technologies of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This is made possible by our solutions which offer real-time collaboration, virtual simulation, and improved planning functions. Users of 3DEXPERIENCE also have access to a virtual twin that offers a digital representation of the actual system and enables cutting-edge space enterprises to swiftly and easily assess various what-if scenarios.

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