Leveraging Non-Parametric Optimization for Satellite Antenna Components with Tosca

Based on the industry-standard finite element analysis (FEA) software Abaqus, Tosca Structure is the market-leading structural optimisation solution for developing creative and sustainable designs. Tosca Structure covers the whole spectrum of optimisation options, from early conceptual design down to specific design improvements.

Designers and engineers can employ virtual prototyping early in the design process thanks to simulation technologies. Design teams can influence and improve the final design while it is still in the iteration stage by running virtual tests or “simulations” on it before the “design change costs” become too high.

Because they can conduct virtual and physical prototyping testing earlier in the product development cycle, designers may bring significant advancements to their designs with confidence and at a lesser cost thanks to simulation.

Tosca Optimization Options

  • Tosca Structure: Topology: Create optimal structures in design space
  • Tosca Structure: Sizing: Optimize element thickness for shell structures
  • Tosca Structure: Shape: Reduce stress or improve fatigue life
  • Tosca Structure: Bead: Create bead patterns to increase stiffness Image courtesy of Tenneco
  • Tosca Fluid: Topology: Optimize channel flow to reduce pressure drop
  • Tosca EMAG: Topology and Tosca EMAG: Shape: Improve S-parameter, radiated power, voltage, Q-factor, eigen-frequency

The key benefits of using Tosca Optimisation are:

  • Efficient utilisation of current IT investments
  • Quicker transition from analysis to design or production
  • Fewer prototypes, or getting it right the first time
  • Product development that is accelerated to reduce time to market
  • Designs that are more robust and lightweight
  • Optimised products spur market innovation

Non-Parametric Optimization for Satellite Antenna Components

Within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the Optimisation discipline offers the ability to automatically run simulation methods several times with different parameter settings. A whole neighbourhood of data points can be made available for comparison and selection by running tens, hundreds, or even thousands of automated simulations. These data sets contain the ideal design points that can be found and selected to increase strength, durability, and lifespan while lowering weight and cost.

When thinking about the ways in which we can optimize the design of satellite antenna components, it is essential to consider the strategies for topology and shape optimization.

Topology Optimization

The size of satellites and their antennas has expanded dramatically, as has the demand for optimising these components to suit the requirements of ever-more sophisticated space missions.

Topology maximises the performance of the system by distributing materials inside a design space according to a set of loads, limitations, and objectives. With finite elements, the solution discretizes the design space. The components that contribute to rigidity are eliminated, but the components in heavily loaded places are kept.

Shape Optimization

There are various benefits to operating satellites in very low earth orbit. But because of this area’s increased atmospheric density, satellites there experience far more atmospheric pull. In order to lower these expenses and lengthen the satellite’s operational life, it is desirable to optimize the satellite’s design in order to decrease drag.

Key Components for Optimization

  • Tapered Transition: Transition from a rectangular to a circular waveguide
  • Septum Polarizer: Converts linearly polarized to circularly polarized EM-waves
  • Septum OMT: Generates two orthogonal linearly polarized EM-waves
  • Ellipsoidal Cavity Resonator: Utilized in bandpass filters


The performance of an existing design can frequently be improved by making a few minor adjustments. It is possible to take into account the pertinent product requirements by using Tosca Structure’s optimization techniques. Shorter development times result in design improvements.

The best method for additive manufactured components is non-parametric optimization. With this potent mix, designers may go beyond the limitations of traditional and parametric shapes and express their creativity.

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