EVTOL: Accelerate Concept to Certification with our Reinvent the Sky Program 

Our Reinvent the Sky Industry Solution helps startups, SMEs, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) create innovative solutions for anything from electric vertical take-off and landing to satellite propulsion and small, light aircraft.

As the demand to reinvent the sky for new urban air mobility is predicted to reach $7,9 billion by 2030, startups need to identify the best tools to effectively supply new mobility while minimising IT-related costs and always ensuring safety.

To achieve their sustainability aims, shakers in the New Space sector are reinventing the industry with reusable launchers and satellites with longer lives.

Accelerating Concept to Certification with our Reinvent the Sky Program

Our Reinvent the Sky Industry Solution helps startups, SMEs, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) create innovative solutions for anything from electric vertical take-off and landing to satellite propulsion and small, light aircraft. The cloud-based solution can be used by businesses looking for innovative methods to incorporate technology into product development to speed up the process from concept to certification and secure a crucial first-to-market advantage.

  • Ensure Digital Continuity from Concept to Flight: Digital continuity throughout all operations creates an Integrated Value Stream that can help boost your productivity and adaptability to facilitate a quicker return on technological investments. Any update will have an impact on all engineering processes without requiring rework and can be managed by change actions thanks to the integrated digital value stream. The native 3DEXPERIENCE platform eliminates the need for data cleansing, translations, and rework throughout all phases and engineering specialities. Our Reinvent The Sky solution ensures product quality by getting rid of design process inefficiencies. 
  • Operational Efficiency through Digital Manufacturing: Profit from faster manufacturing rates and better quality when you use advanced simulation to enhance industrial automation, plant layouts, and supply chain management. Before beginning any physical construction, Reinvent The Sky makes full use of the power of the virtual and all team members’ expertise throughout the extended organisation to assist drive higher margins. 
  • Continuous Control: Make decisions more quickly and begin engaging with certification authorities earlier thanks to real-time programme execution from concept to prototype. Additionally, Reinvent The Sky offers certification authorities the full traceability of decisions and activities made throughout the engineering process. 
  • Reduce the time between Concept and Prototype: All engineering teams have access to the same 3DEXPERIENCE twin and the associated project data thanks to controlled execution. Engineers can turn an idea into a conceptual design during the concept definition phase by utilizing effective trade-off analyses that enable engineers to simulate thousands of design variations to find the one that best satisfies requirements. 
  • Nimble Cloud Deployment: An SME can use the same technology used by the biggest aircraft manufacturers in the world through a cloud business model, which is tailored to their needs. A further advantage for businesses is that they incur little to no IT overhead costs for the hardware and personnel required to implement enterprise software. The platform’s cloud-based Reinvent The Sky solution promotes improved communication between the engineering, manufacturing, test, and supplier management functional teams. The remedy assists businesses in growing to fulfil project maturity levels. 

Key Benefits

  • Using a single platform in the cloud will help you complete the concept-to-prototype process faster while using less IT equipment and personnel
  • By utilising real-time key performance indicators, provide complete traceability for OEMs or certification authorities and encourage execution across teams or organisations
  • Keep programmes on track and control ongoing change during the program’s existence

How can TriMech Enterprise support eVTOL companies?

Our Reinvent The Sky Package supports startups, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in developing disruptive solutions; from small, light aircraft to electric vertical take-off and landing, as well as space launchers and satellite propulsion.

Companies seeking new ways to integrate technology into product development can leverage the solution on the cloud to accelerate the product lifecycle from concept to certification and gain a critical first-to-market advantage.

Discover how Vertical Aerospace leverage 3DEXPERIENCE to Reinvent the Sky

Vertical Aerospace is building its revolutionary electric aircraft and defining its processes on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the Cloud with the Reinvent the Sky industry solution experience. This gives the company access to enterprise-level design, engineering and simulation software in a single, secure, standards-based environment.

“We’re in the process of writing a new chapter in the aviation industry. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform will help us to develop and share the critical steps of requirements, ensure we’re developing the aircraft according to those requirements, do validation and manage the certification of the aircraft with the authorities. It’s a one-stop-shop and single source of truth for Vertical Aerospace and our business partners that allows us to work concurrently wherever we are in the world.” 

— Eric Samson, Head of Engineering at Vertical Aerospace

With all its operations running on the cloud, Vertical Aerospace has the agility it needs to accelerate product development. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform supports the company’s efforts to develop its product and processes in parallel and build a virtual twin of its aircraft that incorporates all disciplines and operations. This will help the company to navigate the complex certification process and maintain full traceability throughout the lifecycle of the aircraft. 

Read the Full Case Study. 

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