Electric Flight & EVTOL: Aerodynamic design for performance, efficiency and range

The start of the jet age brought a revolution in aircraft design. New players entered the market with bold new concepts, while many established manufacturers struggled.

Since then, progress has been gradual and evolutionary, and the industry has consolidated around a few major manufacturers with little room for new entrants. Electric aircraft—and particularly electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL)—have the potential to change that.

If you are an emerging urban air mobility organization, we believe we can positively impact your design processSimulation can help solve the unique problems of electric flight and eVTOL development and give companies a competitive edge when entering this new and dynamic market. This ebook will cover the possibilities and challenges of the race to electric flight.

Download this eBook and learn how simulation is being used by Electric Flight & eVTOL companies to:

  • Build a reliable design with the state-of-art Navier-stokes CFD solver.
  • Optimize and trade-off factors, including weight, power, energy consumption, noise, drag and experience in the design.
  • Reduce risk and avoid costly redesigns.
  • Demonstrate results that are key for digital certification and compliance.
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