Strengthen Your Industrial Maintenance with Augmented Reality

This article explores the use of DELMIA’s AR in industrial maintenance, focusing on controlling upon arrival of assembled equipment, assisting in disassembly and reassembly, and performing the final inspection before redelivery. 

The rapid advances in Industry 4.0 technologies have paved the way for remarkable enhancements in the industrial maintenance sector. One game-changer that is creating ripples in this landscape is Augmented Reality (AR). Leveraging AR technology from the Dassault Systemes’ DELMIA ,companies can now achieve optimized productivity, increased uptime, and improved safety in industrial maintenance.

Control Upon Arrival of Assembled Equipment

A crucial phase in industrial maintenance is the arrival of assembled equipment. Each piece needs to be thoroughly checked for any defects or damage before it gets incorporated into the production line. Implementing DELMIA’s AR solution can greatly enhance this process by providing digital overlays of equipment design and functionals specification on the physical unit.

How Can DELMIA’s AR Solutions Enhance Operational Efficiency?

DELMIA’s Augmented Reality solutions enable technicians to superimpose 3D models and specifications onto actual equipment. This facilitates swift and accurate verification of compliance with original designs and technical requirements. Replacing traditionally lengthy and often incomplete incoming inspection processes, this approach streamlines operational efficiency.

The AR technology digitally displays inspection instructions, capturing all compliance checkpoints. It ensures task completeness, significantly reducing miscommunications and unforeseen repairs. The accuracy and efficiency introduced by AR technology greatly increases customer satisfaction.

Assistance to Disassembly & Reassembly

Disassembly and reassembly of industrial machinery can be complex, time-consuming, and potentially hazardous if not handled properly. However, with DELMIA’s AR solution, these processes can be made more accessible, quicker, and safer.

How Does DELMIA’s AR Improve Maintenance Efficiency?

Utilizing DELMIA’s Augmented Reality, technicians receive virtual step-by-step instructions overlaid on actual machinery. These instructions guide them efficiently through the disassembly and reassembly processes. This eliminates the need for reliance on memory or static diagrams and ensures the correct sequence of operations.

Such an approach minimizes potential damage to components and the risk of future equipment failures. It significantly mitigates the inherent challenges of these processes that can impact equipment life, performance, safety, and reliability. By using AR, the overall efficiency of the maintenance process is markedly improved.

Final Inspection Before Redelivery

Final inspection is the let one of the most critical steps in industrial maintenance. The equipment must be inspected and tested to ensure that it performs correctly, and any potential issues are addressed before it is redelivered to the production line.

How Does AR Enhance Inspection Quality and Efficiency?

DELMIA’s Augmented Reality enhances inspection precision by allowing technicians to overlay equipment with operational parameters. Deviations are instantly highlighted, and the AR tool guides operational checks, reducing errors. This is recorded in real-time for later review. Before redelivery, AR provides 3D model-based instructions for field operators, quickly detecting defects and ensuring equipment conformity. This AR integration saves time and improves inspection quality, ensuring alignment with standards before redelivery.

Additional Capabilities and Benefits of DELMIA’s Augmented Reality in Industrial Maintenance

DELMIA’s AR technology goes beyond just assisting with the arrival, disassembly, reassembly, and final inspection of industrial equipment. Its capabilities extend to areas that fundamentally revolutionize how industrial maintenance tasks are performed.

  • Real-Time Collaboration 
    • AR enables on-site technicians to instantly consult off-site experts, reducing downtime and travel costs. Experts can guide technicians through complex issues by sharing their AR view. 
  • Predictive Maintenance 
    • AR technology and predictive analytics offer predictive maintenance by using machine learning to detect potential equipment failures. AR then visualizes this data, preventing costly repairs and downtime. 
  • Enhanced Safety 
    • AR enhances safety by offering real-time information and visual guidance. It highlights hazardous areas, guides safe procedures, and alerts about potential safety issues. 


In conclusion, the integration of Dassault Systemes’ DELMIA Augmented Reality into industrial maintenance practices revolutionizes procedures, enhancing efficiency, safety, and productivity. By digitally transforming inspection and assembly processes and promoting real-time collaboration, predictive maintenance, and enhanced safety, AR is a crucial to ensure that companies are well-equipped to navigate the maintenance landscape, minimizing downtime and ensuring machinery longevity.

Embrace the power of augmented reality and revolutionize your manufacturing processes with DELMIA Augmented Experience. Experience the future of manufacturing today and unlock new levels of productivity, efficiency, and success.

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