Optimize Global Operations for a Sustainable Future with Digital Factories

The necessity for businesses to re-evaluate their business plans in light of climate change and global warming to create a sustainable future is becoming increasingly apparent. They understand that in order to achieve corporate viability, social justice, and environmental integrity must coexist. This is where sustainable manufacturing comes in.

What is Sustainable Manufacturing?

Encompassing a variety of action areas, including product, process, technology, and industry, sustainable manufacturing is focused on increasing worker, community, and product safety.

Sustainable manufacturing - digital factory

Why is sustainable manufacturing important?

Sustainable manufacturing is a necessity, not just a choice. It also extends beyond simply implementing a zero-waste plan or increasing energy efficiency. Innovation for social responsibility is about reducing environmental effect and building a more sustainable system.

Creating products through economically sound and socially responsible production processes that can minimize the negative environmental impact, conserve energy and encourage recycling and reuse is of the greatest importance.

How can we look to optimize global operations for a sustainable future?

With sustainability in mind, the factory of the future needs an underlying digital infrastructure, with each link in the extended production chain needing a high degree of synchronisation in their communication and interaction.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform acts as a single source of truth for businesses, allowing you to adopt a seamless collaborative process through which multiple project stakeholders can realize significant savings in time and money and improve quality.

How can 3DEXPERIENCE allow you to adopt sustainability from concept to start of production?

  • Building design: Every building, structure, building component, or object can be designed and simulated within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Mock up all of your projects, from office furniture to industrial sheds to a floor that is incredibly customised
  • Structural design: Each structural element can be modelled, simulated, and analysed for concrete and steel frame, precast, façade, and other projects within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform
  • Systems design: Design, model, and simulate any building system component for any project scale, from single inhabitant to infrastructure for factories and assembly lines within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. To avoid field conflicts and minimise timetables, create modular buildings and runs

How can you create sustainable facilities?

  • Porous concrete: Rainwater can pass through a new form of concrete without being impeded. This means that a major source of water contamination, storm water runoff in paved industrial areas, can be minimised. Run-off is considerably reduced by permeable concrete, allowing you to keep an adequate supply of water
  • Green manufacturing: Manufacturers are investing in alternative energy sources, such as solar cells and wind turbines, to run their businesses. The demand for the planet’s resources is reduced by renewable energy sources. Use of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows you to eliminate your reliance on fossil fuels to lessen air pollution
  • Vegetable based foam: Turbine blades, insulation, and furniture can all be manufactured with polyurethane foam made from plant-based ingredients. This allows you to ensure that your products are made from sustainable resources and are non-toxic, enhancing quality of life by increasing thermal resistance and improving insulation characteristics

How can Virtual Twin Technology help with Sustainable Operations?

Product designers may quickly and easily test out many product iterations to see how they might function in the “real world” thanks to virtual twin technology. The 3DEXPERIENCE virtual twin solution offers all the tools for design originality, surface quality, and product experience, from 3D sketching to reverse engineering.

With each unique order, supply chains and resources are closely synchronized and modified as necessary to sustain lean production techniques. Machines and people can move around the factory floor to make quick changes since the shop floor is digital and dynamic.

  • Synchronize supply chains and internal operations
  • Carry out what-if scenarios to ensure business resilience and agility
  • Drive lean production techniques through shop-floor simulation
  • Create a map of all components for traceability, ensuring that the appropriate materials are delivered at the right time to the right location
  • Operators can determine when to perform scheduled maintenance on a machine to minimise service rate impact and do it before an issue arises

In addition to the benefits above, virtual twin technology also allows you to implement Augmented Reality (AR). This offers visual aid that can make difficult assembly, maintenance, and repair procedures simpler. Using AR within the 3DECPEIRNECE platform enables operators to quickly resolve manufacturing-related issues and minimise machine downtime. Workers can undertake maintenance and troubleshooting via live calls with their supervisors thanks to remote support.


Sustainable Manufacturing must be a component of a comprehensive plan that transforms the core of your business operations by integrating strategy, design, and execution from a long-term viewpoint.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers businesses a chance to adopt sustainable manufacturing while reimagining their industries through sustainable growth, innovation, and workforce.

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