Increase Efficiency with Warehouse Management powered by DELMIA Apriso

Warehouse management has become critical for organizations to meet customer demands and achieve operational efficiencies. Warehouse management systems (WMS) such as DELMIA Apriso offer comprehensive solutions beyond inventory tracking and order fulfillment, resulting in vastly improved inventory accuracy and manufacturing efficiencies.

DELMIA Apriso provides real-time visibility and historical analytics for warehouse performance in and across plants, monitoring all warehouse activities, including internal and external-facing operations. Pre-configured inventory cost and performance analytics, reports, dashboards, and KPIs are also available.

Key DELMIA Apriso Roles for Warehouse Management

Warehouse Operator Role

The DELMIA Apriso Warehouse Operator Role is a powerful tool for efficient warehouse operations. Operators can easily access the production area and perform various inventory duties in this role. They can supervise the arrival of materials and make operational choices using Android or IOS scanners. One of the critical features of this role is its search function, which allows users to search by location or container easily. Additionally, operators can scan containers to suggest an appropriate area based on predefined put-away guidelines. This feature is readily available and can be used with a scanner or tablet device, making it highly versatile and user-friendly.

Key Benefits:
  • Provide tasks and direction to the operator for all key warehouse activities
  • Support all key warehouse functions including receiving, material movement, production line replenishment, shipping, and counting
  • Run on the most common scanning technology using either the Android or iOS operating systems

Warehouse Supervisor Role

The DELMIA Warehouse Supervisor (WMS) Role is an essential feature of the Warehouse Management System that offers a complete solution for effective warehouse operations. This role simplifies all the critical processes in supervising a warehouse, allowing supervisors to access five primary cockpits: Receiving, Picking, Inventory Lookup, Counting, and Prefixes Configuration.

The WMS role provides a comprehensive view of a single site, encompassing multiple warehouses, bins, and locations. With filtering functions, supervisors can easily view the details of master and simple containers, streamlining container and inventory creation. The tool is highly versatile, available as an out-of-the-box application, and accessible via desktop, laptop, or tablet devices, enabling supervisors to view single or multiple sites and optimize inventory management.

Key Benefits:
  • Access five main warehouse cockpits easily
  • Provide single or multiple site views
  • Optimize inventory


DELMIA Apriso Production and DELMIA Apriso Warehouse collaborate to facilitate just-in-time manufacturing, sequenced assembly, and shipping processes, eliminating idle inventory, reducing waste, and improving efficiency. These approaches enhance inventory accuracy and create a lean material flow, improving inventory management control. The system allows parts and sub-assemblies received in a sequence to be delivered to production stations as needed, promoting in-line vehicle inventory and just-in-time inventory, resulting in balanced workloads, reduced WIP, and lead times.

With DELMIA Apriso Warehouse Just-in-Sequence, planners can modify real-time schedules, add or remove items to adapt to changes in demand and shop floor events and support ship-to-sequence processes.

Key Benefits:
  • Eliminate materials to increase cash flow
  • Reduce floor space to optimize efficiency
  • Synchronize manufacturing operations with suppliers and customers


The introduction of RFID technology and tracking systems has significantly transformed warehouse management by allowing users to scan and track inventory from any location within the facility. The DELMIA Apriso RFID warehousing technology has been instrumental in reducing human errors and eliminating the risk of over or under-stocking products in the warehouse. This innovative technology provides complete, interlocking resource traceability, guaranteeing full traceability for production, packaging, warehousing, and shipping, all integrated and highly automated on-site. Furthermore, the system automatically sends appropriate instructions to packaging lines, monitors each step, and directs the proper disposition of the packed goods, optimizing inventory management. Ultimately, RFID technology and tracking systems enhance inventory accuracy and streamline warehouse operations, resulting in efficient and cost-effective inventory management.

Key Benefits:
  • Achieve complete, interlocking resource traceability
  • Reduce human errors
  • Prevent over-stocking or under-stocking products in the warehouse


Over the years, warehouse management systems have evolved to offer comprehensive solutions beyond inventory tracking and order fulfillment, with DELMIA Apriso Warehouse leading the charge. Its RFID warehousing technology, Just-In-Sequence feature, and versatile Warehouse Operator and Supervisor Roles provide a unified solution for synchronizing inventory management with production, vastly improving inventory accuracy and manufacturing efficiencies. Ultimately, warehouse management systems such as DELMIA Apriso Warehouse promote efficient and cost-effective inventory management, making it a vital tool for businesses seeking to streamline their warehouse operations.