Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Solutions on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Learn how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables designers to reinvent AEC models fostering BLM and harnessing the value of BIM Level 3 data.

It is becoming increasingly clear that in the effort to build value and offer distinguishing customer experiences in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sphere, it is necessary to understand the value of and in turn implement the principles of Building Lifecycle Management (BLM) to unlock the potential of Building Information Modeling (BIM) Level 3.

This is where 3DEXPERIENCE comes in.

Powering Industry Solution Experiences based on 3D design, analysis, simulation, and intelligence tools in a new class of collaborative, interactive environment with a single, simple-to-use interface, 3DEXPERIENCE can enable you to take the necessary steps to reinvent your AEC models and enable highly productive, collaborative design and construction processes by fostering BLM and harnessing the value of BIM Level 3 data.

AEC Solutions on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

AEC Solutions on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

The 3DEXPERIENCE Feature Set for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform includes a plethora of features that are designed with you in mind. From extended collaboration and complete traceability to performance management and data versioning, the platform includes everything you could need to boost your current portfolio into becoming an industry leader in the AEC sphere.

Below is a list of the features included in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform:

  • Complete Data Visibility Throughout the Building Lifecycle
    • Automates the management of increasing amounts of data throughout the asset’s lifecycle
    • Enables the viewing of current data in the context of the entire project, including facility management and operations
  • Federated Data Using Common Data Environment and Standard Protocols
    • Manages and incorporates native data from numerous sources, including Dassault Systèmes (CATIA, SOLIDWORKS)
    • Converts BIM data via IFC; Reads/writes IFC to a database in the cloud, accessible through web services
    • Creates a Common Data Environment (CDE) that centralises data and provides a Single Source of Truth
    • It Supports the “Work in Progress > Share > Publish > Record” steps of the BIM protocol
  • Data versioning
    • Only shows the most recent version of the data; previous versions are viewable if necessary to comprehend changes
    • Eliminates the need for file management or transfer systems
  • Change management
    • Ensures that all project stakeholders and contributors are included and consulted
    • Tracks and regulates changes in any area of the building lifecycle
  • Plan of Work and Collaboration Process Diagram
    • Includes built-in client decision points and integrates and supports the acknowledged Plans of Work (PoW) and Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) stages
    • Ensures that data is complete by utilizing integrated workflow and approval processes
  • Standard BIM Templates
    • Creates and saves standard templates needed for the BIM process, such as the Model Production and Delivery Table (MPDT) and the Prequalification Questionnaire
  • Broadened Collaboration
    • Supports data integration for end-to-end information flow
    • Facilitates smooth cooperation between owners, architects, engineers, building product manufacturers, fabricators, general contractors, subcontractors, and facility managers
  • User-Based Access Controls and Role-Based Access
    • In order to safeguard the Intellectual Property (IP) unique to the company, access to any sort of data is restricted to authorised, defined users depending on their job within or outside the organization
    • Controls which system users are allowed to perform actions
  • Complete Traceability
    • Maintains a record in the CDE that is fully traceable and details who did what, when, and why
  • Compliance
    • Facilitates compliance with regional standards
  • Performance Management
    • Reports on productivity, profit margin, and KPIs compared to historical data, completed projects, or industry averages are part of performance management
    • Offers a full business dashboard online
  • Cloud Access for Everyone
    • Uses a web browser to function smoothly and intuitively
    • Enables real-time communication between participants
  • Open Standards
    • Enable future flexibility and data portability
    • Permit continuous usage of existing vendors and data assets

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