Project Management

Keeping Projects on Track

Against a background of evolving requirements, unforeseen technology challenges and pressure to control costs and timescales, managing new product development projects and programs can be very challenging.

Leading organizations achieve success by combining proven project management approaches, stage-gate methods and comprehensive risk management.

Process Solution

Project management with Aras Innovator® and TriMech services

  • Aras Innovator Project Management enables organizations to manage new product development and engineer-to-order processes for complex projects that require enterprise-wide collaboration.
  • Aras Innovator is able to link deliverables to project tasks, completion status and control are significantly enhanced and improves adoption
  • Enhanced schedule visibility can optimize use of resources, reduce project costs and increases profit margins
  • Improved task accountability can shorten product development cycles and help manage and mitigate risk
Project Management

How TriMech Can Help

Aras Innovator PLM & Services from TriMech will help you with Project Management

Benefits of Project Management with Aras Innovator

Aras Innovator seamlessly connects parts, BOMs, CAD documents, drawings, suppliers and other items into the project plan as deliverables and milestones for team collaboration, and provides project portfolio management dashboards for visibility.

  • Project collaboration workspace enables secure, online team participation and email alerts notify cross-functional team members of responsibilities and deadlines.
  • PLM Items are integrated directly into projects as deliverables and milestones with associated schedules, durations and deadlines to achieve better schedule performance.
  • As activities occur, actual work status is rolled-up to automatically update the project portfolio dashboard enabling project teams to focus on activities and deliverables instead of wasting time preparing status updates.
  • Red-yellow-green traffic light indicators highlight project schedules that are ‘at risk' and provide executive visibility with the ability to drill down to details and take action.
  • The ability to define and run multiple standardized stage-gate processes with associated deliverables and milestones achieves consistent new product development & launch (NPDI) across different product lines.
  • Configurable project templates enable users to set-up and initiate projects quickly for ETO / BTO / CTO environments.
  • Gantt charts, reports and dashboards provide the ability to plan and manage projects effectively.

Project Management features available with Aras Innovator

Aras Innovator includes a wide range of features for Project Management and related processes including:

  • Project Portfolio Dashboard
  • Stage-Gate Project Management
  • Backward, Forward or Milestone Scheduling
  • Gantt Charting
  • Integrated PLM Deliverables
  • Milestones
  • Tasks & Activities
  • File Attachments
  • Project Collaboration Workspaces
  • Role-based Team Assignments
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Team Member Work Progress Tracking
  • Configurable Project Templates
  • Traffic Light Indicators
  • Email Notifications & Alerts
  • Escalation
  • Configurable Security
  • Reports and Custom Reporting
  • Comprehensive Customization & Integration Capabilities
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Aras Innovator PLM Solution

Aras Innovator PLM is a full-featured, business-ready web based solution for Project Management.