Achieve Satellite Success with enhanced Structural and Thermal Simulation

The space satellite market is growing faster than ever. Smaller space companies are going head-to-head with larger, more established players, to develop innovative satellite technologies.

It is essential that these smaller disruptors in the space race are able to get from idea to launch as quickly as possible.

Engineering teams must verify that their designs will survive the rigorous launch conditions, as well as the environmental extremes of outer space.

Engineering Simulation

Engineering simulation is used to virtually test satellite designs and to improve mission success rates, reduce physical testing costs and shorten development time. However, companies have often faced barriers to acquiring and effectively deploying simulation.

Barriers to deploying simulation

  • Computing Resources and IT Expertise: New start-ups may not have the necessary hardware infrastructure or IT resources
  • Disconnected Legacy Software: Larger companies are often burdened with disparate and disconnected legacy software

Using simulation allows you to spot potential problems early in the design phase and take preventative measures to avoid them. By confirming that your product will function as intended before committing to physical testing and production, reliability is increased. Additionally, computerised testing of product performance enables you to optimise the strength and stiffness of your designs while reducing the product’s weight and material usage.


With an enhanced Satellite Structural and Thermal Simulation tool, the chance for success is amplified.

3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud offers capabilities such as:

  • Connecting all program teams with a common data model on a collaborative platform
  • Achieve quick deployment with a comprehensive cloud solution
  • Identify optimal designs that help to minimize satellite weight
  • Increase satellite performance and ability with high fidelity physics simulations

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform maintains digital continuity and traceability from requirements through design, simulation, testing and manufacturing. Enabling seamless collaboration on all engineering disciplines, 3DEXPERIENCE provides full management visibility of projects by eliminating silos between design and simulation teams. The potential for rework is greatly reduced, resulting in productivity gains of up to 30 percent.

Cloud Computing

Our comprehensive cloud solution enables faster satellite development by:

  • Eliminating software installation and maintenance
  • Delivering a service that is ‘always on’ and is always up to date
  • Offering scalable computing resources in line with your simulation needs
  • Ensuring data security with reliable back ups
  • Allowing access to anyone, anywhere

Satellite Structural and Thermal Simulation

Using the Satellite Structural and Thermal Simulation tool provided by 3DEXPERIENCE, users can leverage generative design methods to identify optimal designs that minimize weight without compromising on performance to achieve the highest-performing satellite structures.

Conceptual parts are automatically generated from a functional specification and multiple variants are quickly created for comparison and trade-off studies. The result is designs that deliver a dramatic reduction in part weight without sacrificing structural performance.

With our structural simulation work-flows, users can exploit digital continuity and also retain access to and reuse of legacy simulation models and data.

The Satellite Structural and Thermal Simulation tool delivers the simulation tools you need to ensure your mission success.

The Space Satellite industry will continue its meteoric growth, and you can reach the starts faster with 3DEXPERIENCE.

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Get in touch today to find out how our 3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud platform, and the Satellite Structural and Thermal Simulation tool can enable you to take the next step in ensuring you are deploying satellites with optimal performance. Whether you’re already integrated into the space race or you’re looking to become a new disruptor and make your mark, 3DEXPERIENCE can allow you the opportunity to ensure you’re a space company worth taking note of.

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