3DEXPERIENCE for Automotive Suppliers

Software Advice and Support for Automotive Suppliers

3DEXPERIENCE for Automotive OEM Suppliers

As vehicles and vehicle systems become more complex to design, build, and deliver OEMs and Suppliers need to accelerate innovation, drive efficiencies and move to the platform of the future.

Our dedicated team is well-positioned to provide packaged deployment and training solutions for 3DEXPERIENCE support and risk management throughout the automotive supply chain, making your deployment as seamless as possible so you can focus on your project delivery.


How do I get started?

Our team is here to help you navigate your OEM programmes, identify the correct 3DEXPERIENCE package, and ensure your team is empowered to deliver on your project requirements.

3DEXPERIENCE Supplier Training Paths

We offer a range of both individual training courses and complete training programmes to help you make the most of your software investment.

automotive supplier 3dexperience training paths

Discover 3DEXPERIENCE for your organization

Rather than simply telling you the things you need to do to please OEMs, we’re dedicated to encouraging real change to support your business to meet your own objectives, which in turn, will ensure that you are able to deliver in your OEM requirements.

Medium and Small suppliers can already take advantage of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to innovate and optimize their manufacturing processes, reinforce their partnership with their customer accelerating their responsiveness to changes, and improve their compliance with quality and safety standards.

Benefits of 3DEXPERIENCE for SMEs and Suppliers:

  • Innovate and optimize your manufacturing processes:
    Drive digital continuity, and ensure efficiency through virtual twin technology.
  • Streamline your process engineering:
    Connect all departments throughout the produce lifecycle seamlessly and collaborate with stakeholders with ease.
  • Optimise the reuse of components:
    Reduce your supply chain cost by up to 20% and gain increased visibility and resilience to supply chain risk.

Have questions about 3DEXPERIENCE?

Contact us and get your questions answered today.

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