What is the Manufacturing Digital Twin?

The term "Manufacturing Digital Twin" has caused manufacturers to re-evaluate how robot and other simulations are used in the manufacturing space.

Creating virtual simulations of commercial robots to validate their use and help in tooling design has been part of the manufacturing community for decades. The recent coining of the term “Manufacturing Digital Twin” has caused manufacturers to re-evaluate how robot and other simulations are used in the manufacturing space.

We are now integrating simulation into many more aspects of our manufacturing systems. For example, in the context of robotic welding cells, these simulations are being used for virtual commissioning of PLC programs, operator ergonomics, detailed modelling of cabling, offline programming of robots, cycle time analysis, virtual reality, and augmented reality. We are also seeing the modelling of integrated safety systems like DCS and collaborative robots becoming more commonplace.

Manufacturing Digital Twin Simulation

We are striving to implement lower cost, more efficient, safer systems on shorter timelines every day. Please check out the video of a recent simulation below that shows a 20 robot system running in a single environment.

A concurrent simulation of this size running seamlessly would not have been possible without the computers and software that have been introduced in the past few years.

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