On-Demand Webinar: RF Breakdown Analysis

During this webinar we will focus on the different existing workflows between CST Studio Suite and Spark3D to determine the breakdown level when these effects take place. We will describe the general workflow based on the CST Studio Suite Frequency Domain solver and the specific workflow for narrowband filters based on the CST Studio Suite Eigenmode solver and FD3D.

For multipactor breakdown, ad-hoc workflows for different applications will be presented. For instance, the incorporation of DC magnetic field into the breakdown analysis (for the design of e.g. circulators), or the case in which complex signals are employed (multi-carrier and modulated).


  • We introduce the main aspects of RF Breakdown
  • We point out the benefits of using numerical simulation for the prediction of the breakdown power level
  • We show relevant workflows to determine the breakdown power level in space hardware
  • We introduce the latest developments in Spark3D

Who should attend? 
Analysts, engineers, researchers and specialists in the space sector who are dedicated to the design, analysis and test of hardware subjected to high power levels.

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