Virtual Twins and Boat Development: What’s it all about?

In the rapidly evolving landscape of boat development, digital transformation is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. Virtual twins stand out for their revolutionary impact among the digital tools at a boat builder’s disposal as they enable designers, engineers, and even customers to interact with a digital replica of the boat before its creation. This innovation offers unprecedented advantages, from streamlining design to enhancing customer experiences. So, what are virtual twins, and how are they setting new sails in boat development? 


What is a Virtual Twin? 

Boat development is a complex, time-consuming, and often costly task. From ideation to launch, every phase demands meticulous attention to detail. In today’s high customer expectations for customization and environmental sustainability, traditional methods no longer cut it. 

Virtual twins offer a real-time, digital representation of the physical boat, making it possible to design, test, and refine multiple facets of the ship before it even hits the production line. This saves time and money, offering a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace. 

To explore virtual twins and digital threads further, watch our interview with Technical Director Adam Bannaghan. 

Transforming the Game: The Role of Virtual Twins and Boat Development 

Implementing virtual twins is not just an upgrade for boat development; it’s an innovative shift for the entire industry. Here’s how virtual twins can innovate boat development to the next level: 

1. Accelerate Product Development 

Virtual twins can serve as a solution to pace product development for boat builders. Access to digital replicas allows designers, engineers, and manufacturers to collaborate seamlessly and in real time. This real-time interaction is valuable for decision-making, as everyone involved can immediately see the boat’s development status. Moreover, having a digital replica can minimize errors that typically arise from data transfer glitches or manual entry, making the development process more efficient and less prone to costly mistakes. 

2. Improve Collaboration 

Virtual twins can serve as an excellent solution to fostering collaboration among team members and stakeholders. Virtual twins can allow multiple teams to work on the exact 3D representation of the boat, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. This collaborative environment is made even more secure by virtual twins’ safeguards for intellectual property.  

3. Enhance Customer Experience 

Virtual Twins are not just tools for the technicians and engineers; they also offer a transformative approach to customer engagement. This solution allows you to walk through high-detailed, interactive 3D models of the boat to show to clients. Clients can customize features, explore interiors, and even simulate the boat’s performance on water. This level of interactive engagement is a powerful tool for enhancing customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships. 

4. Sustainability 

In an era where climate change has been a rising concern, virtual twins can significantly promote sustainability for the boat-building industry. These digital models provide a reliable platform for testing various sustainable solutions before they are physically implemented. Virtual Twins can be used to evaluate fuel-efficient designs or calculate potential material waste. Virtual twins offer a comprehensive platform for eco-conscious development. 

Taking Customization and Sales to the Next Level with 3DEXPERIENCE 

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a cloud-based ecosystem that integrates every aspect of boat development within the virtual twin framework, from design to customer engagement. The platform enables efficient customization options, from solar panel installations to varying propulsion systems. This technology is essential for companies that value personalized, digital-first experiences. 

Navigating Future Challenges: Is Your Business Ready? 

Facing challenges from industry regulations, consumer demands for customization, and calls for sustainability can be very challenging to keep up with. Virtual twins offer a comprehensive solution to these challenges. Starting with a robust platform like 3DEXPERIENCE enables boat builders to identify pain points that virtual twins can alleviate. 

The platform is designed for gradual adoption, allowing businesses to integrate digital transformation at their own pace. By doing so, they can evolve their methodologies from traditional to digital, making the entire process more streamlined, efficient, and responsive to market needs. 


The integration of virtual twins in boat development marks a significant milestone. It offers the industry enhanced productivity, improved stakeholder collaboration, a more engaging customer experience, and a tangible commitment to sustainability. As we set sail into a future where digitalization is the norm rather than the exception, adopting virtual twin technology could be the compass that guides your boat-building business towards uncharted successes. Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey? Contact us to learn more about our virtual twin solution.