Track Defects & Provide Step-by-Step Manufacturing Instructions to ensure Quality Control with DELMIA Apriso

Learn how DELMIA Apriso Quality Control software provides comprehensive quality assurance that manages master planning data and controls execution on the plant floor.

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment, it is essential to have a quality control system that can keep up with the demands of industry. Manual quality control processes can be time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to costly defects and delays in production. That’s where DELMIA Apriso Quality Control comes in, putting you back in control of your quality program across your distributed manufacturing environment.

DELMIA Apriso Quality Control provides comprehensive quality assurance software that manages master planning data and controls execution on the plant floor. It is tightly coordinated with production, maintenance, and warehouse operations through a unified database, ensuring a streamlined quality control process.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use DELMIA Apriso to track defects and ensure quality control:

Step 1: Virtual Quality Defect Tracking

DELMIA Apriso’s 3D Visual Quality Defect Tracking (3D VQDT) tool facilitates faster and more precise defect reporting while introducing a robust visual dimension to the analysis. This feature empowers users to report quality defects visible in 3D models accurately. The product information can be imported with the 3D model, simplifying the creation and upkeep of 3D XML visualizations, typically involving managing multiple product images and snapshots. The software’s user-friendly interface makes it an intuitive tool for quality inspectors, production lines, warehouse workers, and anyone tasked with ensuring product quality.

Key Benefits:
  • Enables continuous improvement
  • Provides rapid response to market changes
  • Links multiple images to one product record

Step 2: Containment Management

DELMIA Apriso’s Containment Manager empowers users to respond quickly and efficiently to quality non-conformances, effectively containing them to prevent non-compliant products from escaping operations, entering distribution channels, or reaching customers. Containment management is crucial in achieving regulatory compliance and enhancing product quality, promoting manufacturing operations excellence. The software’s graphical user interface enables monitoring the entire quality containment process, ensuring complete oversight until the issue is resolved.

Key Benefits:
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Reduces risk to brand
  • Minimizes production and customer disruptions

Step 3: Issue Management

DELMIA Apriso’s Issue Management is a comprehensive solution for enterprises that utilizes the unified data model of DELMIA Apriso and covers the entire manufacturing process. The software enables swift identification of root causes and corrective actions, expediting the resolution of any event that could hinder or disrupt the attainment of objectives, from upholding high-quality standards to executing continuous improvement initiatives across all manufacturing operations.

Key Benefits:
  • Simplifies issue resolution and prevention
  • Enhances operational excellence
  • Reduces the cost of quality

Step 4: Quality Planning

DELMIA Apriso’s Quality Planning software offers robust features to help plan quality inspections for a single plant or multiple plants, ensuring consistent implementation and tracking of manufacturing quality assurance programs across the enterprise. Quality plans can be created within DELMIA Apriso Quality Planning or an external system. Our comprehensive quality assurance software manages the master planning data, governs execution on the plant floor, and facilitates schedules based on time, quantity, or events. The software enables the creation, maintenance, and execution of Sampling Procedures, allowing for lot-by-lot product inspections compliant with the ISO-2859 standard.

Key Benefits:
  • Minimizes shop floor operations disruptions
  • Enforces inspections at the production line
  • Combines key capabilities


In conclusion, DELMIA Apriso Quality Control provides a comprehensive quality assurance solution that enables manufacturers to track defects efficiently and ensure quality control across distributed manufacturing environments. By implementing a unified data model and integrating production, maintenance, and warehouse operations, DELMIA Apriso Quality Control streamlines the quality control process, resulting in improved customer satisfaction, reduced risk to the brand, and minimized production and customer disruptions. Manufacturers can enhance operational excellence and achieve sustainable manufacturing operations with step-by-step instructions to utilize virtual quality defect tracking, containment management, issue management, and quality planning features.

Get in touch with our team to find out how DELMIA Apriso Quality Control could revolutionize your quality control process.

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