Standardize Business Process Management with DELMIA Apriso

Organizations must prioritize standardizing their business process management in today’s competitive landscape to achieve operational excellence. One way to accomplish this is by leveraging solutions like DELMIA Apriso’s Center of Excellence (CoE), which enables the standardization of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) across the entire business. This approach allows for centralized monitoring and updating of systems, promoting efficiency, cost reduction, and continuous improvement.

Achieve Centralized Best Practices and Continuous Improvements

The CoE from DELMIA Apriso allows organizations to consolidate expertise and information from experiences across the entire organization. This centralized platform enables users to refine and develop business process modeling for ongoing enhancement and evaluate and boost production performance. By optimizing processes and enhancing efficiency, the CoE supports organizations in addressing the continuously expanding market requirements while lowering expenses.

Besides functioning as a storehouse for best practices, the CoE promotes cooperation between various departments and teams, nurturing a culture of progress and innovation. This collaborative atmosphere motivates employees to exchange their thoughts and skills, creating more streamlined processes and superior-quality products.

Key DELMIA Apriso Roles that enable Standardization

Global Process Manager for Optimized Process Management

The Global Process Manager from DELMIA Apriso is a robust instrument that empowers users to oversee and regulate manufacturing excellence worldwide. Organizations can consistently enhance their adaptability to fluctuating market conditions, quality requirements, and supplier limitations by standardizing manufacturing processes and managing best practices internationally.

Furthermore, the Global Process Manager lets users effortlessly disseminate procedures devised in DELMIA Apriso to all facilities, extending its benefits throughout the enterprise. The solution also effectively governs business processes by utilizing paperless work instructions and audit trails, complying with regulatory standards for particular industries.

Key Benefits of the Global Process Manager role:

  • Effective governance of business processes
  • Improved responsiveness to changing conditions
  • Integration with third-party PLM/PDM systems

Adopting the Global Process Manager can result in considerable cost reductions by minimizing the necessity for manual involvement and decreasing the likelihood of mistakes. Moreover, the standardization of processes contributes to preserving brand uniformity and guarantees that customers obtain consistently high-quality products, irrespective of the production site.

Process Builder for Manufacturing Agility

DELMIA Apriso Process Builder is crucial for setting up business processes, streamlining, and expediting process modifications while maintaining high product quality and brand uniformity. Equipped with a visual business logic designer and WYSIWYG user interface editor, the Process Builder facilitates effortless adjustments and adaptation to evolving business requirements without coding or customization.

This tool also generates and assigns tasks dynamically to the appropriate operators in the correct locations and at the optimal time for completing incoming orders. The swift distribution of enhancement ideas ensures consistently adopting emerging best practices.

Benefits of the Process Builder role:

  • Enhanced manufacturing agility
  • Increased collaboration between manufacturing and IT
  • Reduced IT overhead costs

Through adopting the Process Builder, organizations can swiftly respond to fluctuations in demand, availability of materials, and other factors influencing production. This skill allows companies to fine-tune their manufacturing processes and proactively address market shifts, providing a competitive edge.


Standardization of business process management is essential for organizations aiming to attain and sustain operational excellence. By embracing solutions such as DELMIA Apriso’s Center of Excellence, firms can consolidate best practices, refine process modeling, and evaluate production efficiency. The Global Process Manager and Process Builder additionally empower users to administer manufacturing excellence worldwide, augment adaptability to evolving circumstances, and boost agility.

By utilizing these tools organizations can optimize processes efficiently, enhance productivity, and lower expenses, ultimately resulting in heightened competitiveness in the market. Additionally, standardizing business process management fosters an environment of ongoing enhancement and innovation, encouraging employees to share their insights and skills to propel the organization toward success.