Simulation Services

Introduction to TriMech Enterprise

Proven Experience

TriMech Enterprise are one of four original resellers in Dassault Systèmes channel. With 200+ years of extensive collective PLM experience, they are well positioned to assist you with your simulation needs.

Strong Partnerships

TriMech Enterprise are an award-winning reseller with a “Premier Account” program over 400 successful projects, with more than 500 customers to date.

Comprehensive Solutions

TriMech Enterprise offer a fully comprehensive “Digital to Physical” offering including implementation, training, and engineering Services. They are also fully International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) compliant.

Our Offering

At TriMech Enterprise, we have the expertise to successfully deploy and implement the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for your company, with more than 200,000 customers, 25 million users, and 15,000 staff worldwide.

One global R&D / 56 labs

Our solutions are transforming 12 separate industries: 

  • Transport and Mobility 
  • Aerospace and Defense 
  • Marine and Offshore 
  • Industrial Equipment 
  • Energy, Process and Utilities 
  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction 
  • High Tech 
  • Consumer Good (Retail) 
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (Retail) 
  • Life Sciences 
  • Financial and Business Services 
  • Natural Resources 
Assembly robot programmer role

Simulation Expertise

TriMech Enterprise currently partner with Dassault Systemes’ SIMULIA, Wolf Star Technologies, Endurica and BETA CAE Systems SA to offer a range of simulation services and software, including:

  • Structural Analysis  
  • Composites Simulation  
  • Kinematics & Multibody Dynamics  
  • Load Development  
  • Durability & Fatigue Analysis  
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)  
  • Multi-Physics Simulation  
  • Optimization for Additive Manufacturing  
  • Method Development  
  • Process Automation  
  • Electro Magnetics 

The training offered by TriMech Enterprise includes: 


PLM Planning, Business Process Reengineering, Product Data Management, Project/Program Management, Quality control and Integration/Migration planning


Mechanical Design, Class A Surfacing, Composite Design, Visualization Content, Reverse Engineering, Automation and Programming, Data Transformation and Systems Integration


Simulation and Analysis (Structural Dynamics, Fatigue, Multi Body Dynamics, Optimization, Process Automation and CFD), Method & Process Development and Load Measurement & Test Correlation

Inspection and Metrology

Onsite Scanning & Measurement, First Article Inspection (PPAP and AS9102), 3D Modelling, CMM, QC Reporting and Automated Inspection

Customer Highlight

Trek: Designs and Experience

“These athletes push the bikes well past the average consumer and are hyper-sensitive to variations in stiffness and where that stiffness is within the bike. They also push for faster,
lighter, and better ride quality so they can excel and win races which, in turn, pushes us to design faster and lighter bikes without compromising strength, durability, and ride quality”

Jay Maas,
Analysis Engineer, TREK


How Trek competes with PLM and Simulation


Create and manage a virtualized collaborative space for engineers and partners to work together

BOM and Change Management

Monitor in real time the engineering status of various bike projects, both at the bike and the subproject (nested) levels and model task dependencies between various projects


Real life simulation testing measures actual bike performance to ensure consistent operation across several biking environments

Load Development

Insights into the loading environment during extreme-use cases will help Trek take its bikes to the next level of performance without over designing

Maximizing the Efficiency of Autonomous Vehicles with 3DEXPERIENCE Platform
Simulation Expertise 

Vehicle Performance and Dynamics 

As part of the ‘digital to physical’ product lifecycle, TriMech Enterprise specialise and manage several mechanisms to ensure products are produced to the highest quality using simulation. This includes looking at the following:

  • Vehicle Dynamics: Wheeled Vehicles and Tracked Vehicles 
  • Vehicle Performance: Off Highway 
  • Multibody Dynamics: NVH/Engine Dynamics, DEM Co-Simulation 
  • Load Development: DEM Co-Simulation 
  • Rollover Crash Simulation: DEM Co-Simulation 
  • Tire Simulation: Structural Analysis 


Introduction to TriMech Enterprise

Load Development and Correlation

Further to the above, load development and correlation is also taken into account. This includes precision work on the following areas:

  • MBD to Test Correlation: Using an advanced MBD model with proprietary contact method between flex-body structures, using a load cycle to drive fatigue analysis and launching parameter correlation driven via process automation. The automation process can then used to drive simulation for design iterations
  • Real Time Load Development
Crash Simulation

Crashworthiness testing is becoming more and more dependent on crash simulations. Crash test standards have tightened over the past ten years, demanding a higher standard of performance to receive a satisfactory crash safety rating. Crashworthiness relies on the construction of load-carrying structures and the deformation of the structural components which would absorb the crash energy efficiently. Therefore, the crashworthiness design should be started from the early concept design phase. This includes looking at seat pull tests and front/side impact.

Electromagnetic Simulation

Electromagnetic simulation software enables engineers to investigate the electromagnetic properties of components or whole systems efficiently. Electromagnetic (EM) systems often pose multiscale challenges, such as very wide frequency ranges and electrically large structures with very fine detail. All High and Low Frequency applications are addressed using CST Studio Suite which is a key part of the wider ecosystem and includes links to many other simulation and design tools. The CST Studio Suite covers all EM ranges from Static to THz, with single user interface and wide range of frequency and best-in-class Time Domain solvers.

Durability Analysis

The durability process as part of the offering allows users to design their elements, run thorough stress tests, define any failure criteria and then re-design to suit needs. This process enables users to look at the complete duty cycle, not just the most severe possible events. This is done via a complete and accurate material database, replying on sophisticated fatigue algorithms such as multi-axial strain life methods, critical plane searching and non-proportional loading.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

SIMULIA’s Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation offering allows users to engineer products ensuring accurate real world performance predictions with fast turnaround speeds and the ability to solve a vast array of challenges spanning industries and application use cases.

XFlow is a particle-based Lattice Boltzmann technology solver which offers multiphase and moving parts modeling capabilities specially focused on lubrication workflows such as gearboxes and electric motor drives.

Process Automation and Optimization

To increase the value of simulation investment, the Automation discipline includes capabilities to allow users to develop, store, manage, deploy, share, and replay standard methods for simulation-driven design. Use of standardized methods reduces error, increases efficiency, and maximizes simulation value.

The Optimization discipline provides capabilities to automatically run and re-run simulation methods with varying parameters allowing design space exploration and optimization using Isight technology. Optimal design points can be discovered and chosen to reduce weight and cost and increase durability, strength, and lifespan.